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Polaire Portable AC Review: Questionable Company Research Report Surfaces

July 6, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, July 6 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. Polaire is a portable AC unit or personal evaporative air cooler that claims to be small and compact, ultra-silent and energy efficient. However, as many portable air conditioners start to surface online in a scurry to beat the summer heat, there have been many scams arise in the personal AC unit market. But is Polaire portable air conditioner a scam?

How does the Polaire stack up against the hottest, best selling portable air conditioner of 2020?

Lets review the consumer research regarding the newly released Polaire AC unit and see if the portable air conditioner for personal space cooling is worthy of the time and trendy attention its been given as of late.

Is Polaire Portable AC A Scam?


Right out of the gate, a quick consumer research shows the official Get Polaire website lists no company address, phone number or email contact aside from what looks to be a third party service of sorts. The contact us page goes to, which makes no sense as it makes no reference to the Polaire air conditioner or any product for that matter. When reviewing other portable air conditioners, like the Blaux Portable AC, there is a clear distinction as to who is running and shipping the unit.

While more digging is required, personal air coolers have become the discussion of 2020, as they defeat symptoms associated with heat in an inexpensive, and energy-saving way. In fact, they are believed to reduce indoor temperature in a matter of minutes, while also ensuring that air quality is on par. Conventional air conditioners do not even compare and could possibly become outdated, as they are more prone to bacteria formation, poor skin health and can increase the risk of respiratory-related diseases.

On that note comes an innovative take on personal air coolers and it is none other than Polaire. French for polar, right off the bat, individuals are likely to envision this device as one that creates an atmosphere that resembles polar climate regions: cool and breezy. This could be the ultimate solution to ridding summertime heat, while enjoying what the season has to offer. Lets take a closer look at Polaire and its facets along with the Polaire portable AC scam potential given the limited information about who is running or shipping the personal air conditioning units:

What is Polaire?

Polaire claims to be an evaporative air cooler that serves a similar role to that of a conventional air conditioner but at an inexpensive cost. What makes this air cooler unique is its multifunction capabilities (i.e. air cooler and humidifier) and numerous features.

How does Polaire work?


Polaire is founded on evaporation technology. In this case, individuals are required to fill the device with water. Once the cartridge gets soaked, the water is expected to evaporate from the cartridges material and the embedded fan releases cool air out. This is all deemed possible because evaporation removes latent heat from the material and significantly reduces room temperature. That is, of course, if the Polaire portable AC is even legit and is a forward-facing company and not pulling some rip off scam.

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Another mishap spotted with the official Polaire AC website is the fact that the terms and conditions page shows it was last updated in October 2019 but a quick whois domain search tool function reveals the Polaire portable AC website to buy was only bought in June 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Despite the irregularities of the Polaire Portable AC setup, the website layout is nice and pleasant to see with plenty of colorful language to describe what is potentially a completely fabricated product sales page. However, there are questions that need to be answered about the Polaire AC scam probability as well as what is mentioned on the website.

Why is freon and why is it bad?

Freon falls within the category of chlorofluorocarbons and/or related compounds commonly used as an aerosol propellant, organic solvent or refrigerant. According to the claims made, air that has been exposed to freon can lead to respiratory-related illnesses and in extreme cases, death. Symptoms usually vary based on the level of exposure, but in this case, even the smallest amount can have a negative impact.

What makes Polaire different from other personal ACs?

Polaire allegedly relies on a patented innovative material called EvaBreeze. Found within the cartridges, the implementation of this material amplifies evaporation for the strongest possible cooling effect, while eliminating the risk of mold and bacteria formation.

What the cooling area of Polaire?

Given that Polaire was created to serve as a personal unit, it can only cool ones personal area. To get as much airflow as possible, individuals have been advised to situate themselves facing the center of Polaire. Since the device also has front grills, these can be adjusted to direct airflow as one pleases.

Can Polaire be powered using a power bank?

Polaire can be powered using any device with the exception of iPhone chargers because they only support 1 A of current compared to Polaires requirement of 2 to 2.5 A.

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What are the features/benefits of Polaire?

Based on the description of portable Polaire air cooler, some benefits worth stating include its:

Portability: It can be taken anywhere one pleases

Rechargeable uses: Polaire requires a USB power supply of 10W for charging purposes, which makes it convenient and safe

Energy efficiency: It uses anywhere between 7.5 and 12.5 W of power, therefore, the electricity bill is not expected to soar

Freon-free nature: Freon has been associated with short-term effects including severe mood changes, muscle weakness and numbness and nausea among others

Stylish design: Its minimalistic design nicely blends in with any interior

Noise free nature: As described, Polaire is supposedly whisper quiet as noise level ranges between 25 and 50dB

Ease of use: It is simple to set up and use

Humidifying capacity: adds moisture in especially dry areas

Up to 8 hours of cooling

3 speed adjustments: This not only applies to the force of air, but also the cooling levels

LED Lighting: Consumers can choose from different light options to set the mood before going to bed

Is there a return policy in place?

Yes, as far as returns go, the creators behind Polaire are backing the product with a 15-day money back or store credit guarantee. So, individuals have within 15 calendar days of delivery to decide whether this is a suitable portable AC or not. The following conditions need to be met to process a refund:

Polaire must be returned new, and unopened

The team will not take responsibility for any lost or damaged goods that are returned

Polaire needs to be returned in the same condition and original packaging

Consumers are responsible for returns shipping

Any Polairenot eligible for a refund or store credit will either be discarded or sent back

Cancellations are accepted within 12 hours of placing an order

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How much does Polaire cost?

After applying the 50%, 65% and 71% discounts respectively, the Polaire prices breakdown goes as follows:

1 Polaire: $121 CAD

2 Polaires: $167 CAD

3 Polaires: $213 CAD

Payment options include PayPal and select credit card companies including Visa, Mastercard, Amex and JCB. To ensure that ones purchase is well-protected, a replacement warranty for an additional $32 CAD can be purchased, which is said to cover the product for life.

Final Verdict

Polaire positions itself as a mini portable air conditioner that provides a cool breeze while humidifying the surrounding air. As a result, one can anticipate utmost protection against heat while bettering ones skin and respiratory health thanks to bettered air moisture. What makes this device unique are the extra measures taken to deliver their suggested benefits. These primarily revolve around the use of EvaBreeze and omitting freon altogether.

In terms of affordability, Polaire is incomparable as it requires no installation costs and uses up to 12.5 W of power, whereas a conventional air conditioner requires up to $2,000 in installation costs and uses close to 300 W. Another facet that makes Polaire worth considering is its noise level of 25 to 50dB compared to most air conditioners 60 to 80dB. Next, maintenance is as simple as periodically cleaning and drying the included water filters, which takes minutes. With traditional air conditioners, taking it apart can be tiresome. Most of all, it contains a countless list of features, whereas typical air conditioners only serve one purpose: cooling.

However, the elephant in the room is all about reviewing Polaire Portable AC units scam potential as it has suspicious qualities that need addressed before recommending to buy a personal air conditioner when there are many options available online from reputable companies and name brands.

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Having said all the positives comes two possible issues that need to be taken up with customer service. For starters, the return policy is very short, which means that even if delivery takes beyond 15 days, the money back guarantee will have gone to waste. Second, in researching about the company itself, it seems like one can choose to request information only if a purchase has been made. This may seem unreasonable, as consumers would usually like to have some background information on the company behind a device prior to investing.

All in all, the best portable air conditioners have one thing in common; a forward facing company with reputable branding and responsive customer service support. The Polaire portable air conditioning scam likelihood may not seem like it on the surface level, but a little digging will reveal some questionable findings or the lack of there even. The trustworthiness of the online store front that claims to be the official portable Polaire AC unit is not very reassuring and needs updated contact information in order to justify the decision of buying a personal air cooler today with so many other respected, powerful A/C to try.

Despite the high quality appeal of the official Polaire AC website, this personal portable air conditioner may fall short, which is in line with what consumers have found and posted online about the lack of information or questionable company research surfacing with details not desirable for making a purchase today.

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