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Real Psychic Readings Online & Live Tarot Reading By Psychic Source Tarot Readers Experts

January 4, 2021 GMT

North Greenbush, NY, United States, January 04 2021 (Wiredrelease) Psychic Source Inc, Important Update About Best Psychic Readings Tarot Readings Online Site: the Most Accurate Psychic Tarot Cards Readers website Psychic Source announced all new clients will get 3 Free Minutes Connecting to the Best Online Psychics + 75% Off their First Reading while getting Personal Psychic Tarot Reading Or Other Psychic Readings Service Risk-Free No Commitment that can be seen right here.

If you ever think about getting a legitimate online tarot reading or accurate psychic readings, read this article to visit the best psychic readings and tarot card reading experts by Psychic Source.

Do you have any questions about a tough situation? Feeling lost in the chaos? Your future is bleak? Dont worry. A psychic reading session will help you overcome all your problems and help you become a more powerful and stronger version of yourself. But the question is, with so many psychic readings, which one is the best? Which one is genuine? All these questions are fixed by the Psychic Source.


The psychic source has been one of the leading and most trusted psychic sites since 1989. It offers many services for psychic reading, ranging from tarot readings to astrology. It has highly specialized and professional psychic readers providing accurate readings. You can trust this to acquire precise insights using multiple reading techniques and psychic specializations on the website.

Read on to know more about the Psychic Source and the various services and specializations provided by it. Before you decide to invest your precious time and money on a psychic reading, get to know whether it can be trusted or not.

Working Procedure of Psychic Source

First of all, you need to register on Psychic Source. Making an account and Psychic Source login is absolutely free, and anyone can easily make one without any hassle. After your registration is complete, you will be prompted to select any specialty or reading style you have already thought of. If you dont know much about the various specializations or dont have any specific reading style in your mind, you can select No Preference.

Different people have different requirements for a psychic reading. what might lead to amazing benefits for someone might not even work for someone else. Look through their online catalog to find the best type of reading according to your readings. Whether you want to the point readings or more detailed ones, Psychic Source has all of it. you can also opt for readings done with the help of special psychic reading tools such as online tarot cards reading or crystal balls. remember to specify your requirements while searching for online psychic reading on Psychic Source so that it can serve you in the best way possible.


Fixing your appointment with any of the psychics on Psychic Source is quite simple. You can either use their Find a Psychic tool or simply search your requirements on their site. But make sure that you feel a connection with the psychic before you choose them for your reading because establishing a connection with your psychic is very important for accurate readings. When you search for a psychic, you will see whether they are online for a chat or available through a call. You can then directly contact them. If the psychic you want is not available online at that time, you can schedule an appointment for a later time.

You can see the rates charged by every advisor on their profile. These rates are set by the advisors themselves, keeping in mind their skills and experience. You will get to see your charges as your session progresses and can end it anytime you want. It also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your reading. Besides, it is completely online, which means you dont have to travel miles to get a good advisor. You can get a reading from the comfort of your home.

Psychic services available on Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers a wide range of services and specialties listed below:

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card reading is quite popular on Psychic Source. Your reader will ask you to pick one card from the deck of cards he/she is using. After you have picked your card, the reader will interpret the pattern on that card to make predictions about your past, current situation, and the best way to move forward in this situation. It provides one of the best tarot cards reading online.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams can act as a bridge between your subconscious state and you. They can provide useful insights into the things that are troubling us that are hard to be deciphered when we are awake. Dream interpreters look for the patterns and visuals in your dreams to bring out the fears, hopes, and uncertainties buried deep inside your subconscious state.

Energy Healing

This type of reading is beneficial for achieving complete alignment of body and mind with the spirit. Energy healing advisor will help you identify a negative pattern and reject toxic habits. It will help you open up your chakras and heighten energy vibrations through various Reiki practices and other eastern and western energy healing methods.


One of the oldest and highly trusted methods of spiritual psychic readings is astrology. Astrological readers collect information through your sun and zodiac signs, as well as information from planetary alignments during birth. The reader then creates a detailed birth chart with this information to determine how current planetary alignments will impact your emotional and physical well-being.

Love Psychic Readings

These are the most popular ones on Psychic Source as well as other online psychics reading platforms. They are used for obtaining useful insights into your relationships with your lover, friends and family. It can be beneficial in getting divine guidance in matters of the heart and resolving any underlying problems in your love life and interpersonal relationships. If Psychic Source reviews are to be believed, love tarot reading online is fantastic here.

Angel Cards

Another prevalent method of psychic reading is angel cards. Psychic readers use angel cards to get guidance from spirit guides. These spirit guides play a crucial role in your life. These readings can inspire you to forward with positivity and hope towards new avenues in your life to enrich yourself.

Career and Finance

These are the second most popular readings after love tarot card reading online on Psychic Source and most other psychic platforms. Career and finance psychics can provide valuable insights related to your career and finances using their gifted abilities. Their invaluable guidance based on your past and present situation would be quite useful in solving issues related to your work or money.

Prices of psychic readings

The prices vary as per the knowledge and experience of the reader. Some advisors with more experience can charge up to $8 per minute, while others will usually charge $2 or $4 per minute. All you need to do is select the session that suits you the best. Check out Psychic Source promo code for further discounts. Although its prices might be higher than some other psychic platforms around, Psychic Source provides some unique features that many others fail to offer. Strict screening of advisors before letting them in is one such feature. The payment methods are quite convenient as well. you can pay through credit or debit cards easily or use PayPal.

Psychic Source-Unique Features

Extensive Experience

Psychic Source is one of the best and has been here for such a long time. Its 30 years of experience enables it to provide you with amazing services and cater to your needs. It has served many customers in these 30 years and helped them achieve inner harmony.

Personalized Profiles

Before choosing to spend your money and time somewhere, it is important to understand the service completely. With personalized profiles of every advisor on Psychic Source, you can see all the advisors information ranging from their experience, specialties, pricing, ratings, availability, and the customer reviews provided to them.

Introductory offers

It provides amazing offers to first-time customers to attract them and remove all their doubts about an online psychics effectiveness. First three minutes of free reading are provided with prices as low as $0.66 per minute afterwards. Though many other platforms also provide such services, Psychic Source has one of the best.

Guarantee of 100% cashback

Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Psychic Source. It assures 100% cashback if you did not like your online psychics reading quality or are not satisfied with the reading accuracy. It aims to provide the best experience to its customers.


Psychic Source reviews have been positive till now. It has served millions of happy customers in these 30 years since its outset in 1989. The ratings provided individually to advisors are also authentic and by verified customers only. Advisors go through strict screening procedures before they are inducted into the network. Hence, you can be assured that it is authentic and not a scam. You can completely trust it to provide you with highly accurate insights. It offers one of the finest online psychic readings for really competitive prices, which means that you dont need to burn a hole in your pocket for getting divine guidance.

All the worries that have kept you up at numerous nights and made your days difficult would be a thing of the past after taking an online psychic reading from Psychic Source. Making difficult decisions would become really easy for you because of the guidance coming from spiritual realms with the help of highly skilled psychic readers at Psychic Source. Get your reading today and see the magic yourself!

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