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Free Psychic Reading Online, 3 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Free Readings Via Phone Call, Chat Or Live Video

January 4, 2021 GMT

Hinkle Deegan Lake Road Syracuse, NY, United States, January 04 2021 (Wiredrelease) Free Psychic Reading Inc. The huge demand for spiritual administration led to the digitalization of numerous psychic companies. Due to this, people now have access to online tarot card readings that help them get timely replies from the topmost psychics from all parts of the world. Tarot cards were introduced in the 14th or 15th century. However, It was in the 18th century when these cards started getting used for astrology and religious purposes. A tarot card reading usually concentrates on certain realms like love, future, career, but can prolong in other domains as well.

If administered accurately, they give you intense acumen and information, promoting a sounder understanding of your ideas and feelings. People usually drive away with valuable erudition that may support them to shape their future., and Psychic Source are the top 3 websites known as the best online tarot card reading platform.


we will evaluate these astounding online psychics reading platforms to help you get a better insight while opting for a tarot reading online.

Kasamba Psychic Reading Services

When contemplating an online psychic platform, Kasamba might be the prime name that comes to your mind. Diverse Kasamba advisors present their spiritual expertise for tarot card readings, astrology studies, fate telling, dream analysis supervision, and relationship advice. They are also well known for bestowing free online love tarot reading for the first 3 minutes and cost-effective starting prices.

Price Range

At Kasamba, The psychics set their rates within constraints fixed by the site. It indicates that you are expected to pay proper regard to what a particular psychic charges as it can range anywhere from a couple of bucks up to $10+ per minute or even higher.

Who would prefer Kasamba?

If you are looking ahead to working with psychics that specialize in an extensive range of discrete fields, you should try Kasamba. They offer all types of tarot readings like profession, free love tarot reading online, and many more. Kasamba is an excellent way to get the specific types of services you require, all at one site. Unlike various other sites, Kasamba does not rely entirely on user ratings to evaluate their psychics, they perform background examinations, survey readings, and personal interviews to assure that the psychics are experienced and equipped.

Key Features

Economical Introductory Rates

At Kasamba, You get a free tarot card or love tarot reading for the initial three minutes. You can ask all the discrete opening questions and point out of the way without letting it cost you money.

Various psychic options available


The company has a diverse array of psychic options available for the patrons. The distinct type of psychics available on this site is one element that set them aloof from the rest of the industry. You can pick from a psychic who specializes in astrology, career forecasting, Chinese astrology, dream analysis, financial outlook, eastern philosophy and many more. With all these versatile options to choose from, there is no perplexity that you will find the help you need.

Main characteristics and Specifications

5 star rated psychics

24/7 live chat option available


When you use Kasamba you will be able to work with psychics who practice in an extensive array of distinct fields. All Psychics are bound to undergo significant testing and the initial 3 minutes of tarot card readings are Free.


Although Kasamba is the trusted online tarot card reading site, some of the psychics are very costly and there is no choice for Video Chat.

Customer Reviews

Kasamba provides one of the stablest online tarot readings today with authentic psychic apps available. They have a great name and will ensure you are always content with the outcomes.

Visit Kasamba Official Website Here

Keen Psychic Advisors

Keen furnishes manifold online psychic reading services with live chat or audio call features. To acquire psychic guidance, you have to generate an account by providing your email address and password. After picking a psychic, you can tap on the chat or call icon, depending on your preferences. After login, you get entree to the varied live psychic readings and 3 minutes free online tarot readings.

Price Range

Although Keen administers tarot readings by top-class psychics, the rates are pretty affordable. The rate per minute for a psychic reading starts from $1.99 and goes as high as $30.00 per minute. When you run through several profiles, it becomes explicit that most psychics present readings for less than $6 per minute, while solely a couple of advisors have shown rates of more than $9.99 per minute.

Who would choose Keen?

If you seek to get tarot readings on love, prosperity, well-being, profession, investment or any different subject, you can try Keen. Keen is one of the most preferred tarot card reading websites that offer various psychic services including comprehensive psychic readings, spiritual readings, psychic mechanisms and tarot card readings. They focus on free love tarot reading or any distinct life questions that you may be doubting or anguished. You will get what you are exploring without any hidden fees or other extra charges. They are one of the most esteemed online psychic reading providers.

Salient Features

Reliable Services

If you pick online psychic services from Keen, gratification is assured. You can select from numbers of tarot readings available and get all your problems elucidated.

Numerous psychic options

Keen makes it easier for patrons to look for their preferred tarot online. All you require to do is look for the tarot card reader name on the search block to get in touch with that distinct psychic. The flexible prices are mentioned on each psychic page. After completion, you are charged for the length of your reading multiplied by the psychics per-minute rate.

Main characteristics and Specifications

24/7 tarot card reading available able and screened psychics


Keen is the most skillful online tarot card reading company. You can pick from the psychic service you consider will aid your situation most articulately. They have an outstanding user evaluation system and numerous psychics options. Patrons can get 24/7 support from these psychics and clients also have entree to the free online tarot readings for the first 3 minutes.


Although Keen is an excellent name in the industry. The prices are not determined and tend to deviate based on the psychic you prefer. The company also does not have a great name when it comes to keeping customers data protected. Personal data of the client including name and contact number is shared for numerous marketing and commercial activities.

Patron Reviews

Keen is the leading name in the online tarot card reading industry. You can effortlessly connect with the various experienced and competent psychic advisors at any time during day or night, either by call or online chat. Mostly every psychic reader associated with this company owns a minimum of 4-star rating out of 5.

Notwithstanding a few trivial impediments, There is no suspicion that it is one of the most reliable ways to obtain a good psychic. While their privacy policies need to get managed, it is apparent that they dont just go sharing private data without any reason. You can give this company a try and see how beneficial they can be for you.

Visit Keen Psychic Official Website Here

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is considered as the leader in online psychic readings. They have remained in the industry for more than 30 years now and have thousands of content customers. With around 325 different psychics available, you will always have someone there to interact.

Any person who yearns to be a psychic and operate through Psychic Source will need to undergo a scrupulous vetting process. This site also has bi-lingual psychics available.

Price Range

A psychics rate entirely depends on the reputation of their tarot readings based on accuracy and psychic performance. While the higher per-minute price is a mark of a talented psychic, you can be assured that an economic cost does not symbolize the opposite.

The rates of this company are pretty affordable. You will be priced $10 for a ten-minute reading, $15 for a 20-minute reading, and a 30-minute reading is just $19.80. All tarot readings are free for the initial three minutes.

Who would prefer a Psychic Source?

If you envy to get insights on love, affluence, well-being, profession, investment, or any other topic. You can try Psychic Source. They have delivered over 6 million reliable and confidential readings. The psychic source has continued to be a place where many appeased customers have equated with a variety of safe and skilful psychics who possess exceptional abilities. It is an esteemed name when it comes to distinguished patron service and protected payments.

Important Features

Clear Pricing. No Hidden Costs

You will always know what you are paying at Psychic Source. The flexible Advisor rates are specified on each Advisor page. There are no disguised fees or surprise costs. After completion of your reading, you are credited for the span of your reading multiplied by the Advisors per-minute charge.

Secured and Confidential

You can select a psychic reading by online chat, phone, or video. You do not get to bear the discomfort of stepping into a strangers residence or shop or have the likelihood of getting noticed. You can skim through their Psychics page to examine out and about all the Advisors at your service.

Main characteristics and Specifications

Economic Pricing Multi-language preferences


The psychic source is the most equipped company in the industry. You can pick from the best free tarot reading online you think will assist your circumstance in the most appropriate manner. Since various psychics are working 24/7 live for this company, the odds are that somebody is going to be online and available for you no matter what aid you like to opt.

If you encounter any inconvenience alongside your tarot card reading, or the situation itself, a customer service expert is always ready to be at your service at Psychic Source.

The company also has a fabulous reputation for keeping customers data confidential. Psychic Source knows that people often use their service to discuss matters of private nature and take that trust seriously.


Although the Psychic source is the preeminent name in their distinct industry, the company does not render patrons with any money-back guarantee for cash payments. It only provides a money-back guarantee for site credit.

Customer Reviews

Psychic service is a well-known organization rendering top-quality psychic advice and customer service to its patrons and members each day. Mostly all the psychic readers incorporated with this company have a minimum 4-star rating out of 5.

The clients who did not have faith in the company initially were allowed to try Psychic Source for free in return for fairly sharing their experience getting a psychic reading.

If youre contemplating getting a tarot card reading done, you really cant get dissatisfied with Psychic Source.

Visit Psychic Source Official Website Here

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