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The News Spy Review 2020 – Is it really a Scam?

May 21, 2020 GMT

We have reviewed The News Spy, and all we have is good news. We have been searching for another auto trading platform to recommend to our readers. We received emails from people who would like to diversify their cryptocurrency investment portfolio. As always, our input is valuable to our audience.

We heard about The News Spy and decided to test it; we needed to confirm that it works as good as other auto trading platforms we have found, such as Cryptosoft, and Bitcoin Rush.

It turns out that The News Spy is fantastic, our first live trading experience with the auto trading platform ended with us earning a profit. The News Spy can be used by everyone to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.


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The News Spy Review Is it a Scam?

We call it the rise of the trading robots. So many people are interested in making money from the crypto market and the best option to achieve this goal is using an auto trading robot. The News Spy is one of these platforms. We found out that different crypto can be traded on The News Spy, such as Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, among others.

Is the News Spy Legit?

Yes, The News Spy is registered as an official automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. It is legit; we also found out that the administrative team managing the platform are professionals who ensure that all investors make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Here are the discoveries we made during this review;

1). The News Spy is registered and it has outstanding features that can increase the investors earning opportunities.

2). It is a user-friendly auto trading platform that requires no special skills before the user starts earning a profit daily.

3). The accuracy rate for the auto trader is 99%, which is more than impressive.

4). Fast withdrawals, users can get their funds in 24-hours.

5). Please click this link to get started.

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Trading and earning with technology

Now, there is no need to take online courses on how to trade cryptocurrency manually. The News Spy is an automated trading system that does all the work for the investor. We have observed that many traders have shown a preference for the use of auto trading systems as a replacement for their manual trading processes.


We were also impressed with the speed at which transactions are processed on The News Spy, backed by a sophisticated algorithm and fast processing, it is easier to make money from the cryptocurrency market regardless of the volatility.

How was News Spy created?

We found out that The News Spy was invented by John Mayers; he is an entrepreneur, crypto trader, and developer. John Mayers led a team of professionals to create The News Spy.

How the News Spy works

We found out that so many people are already making money with The News Spy. It is a fast trading system that has so many benefits for new and old investors.

The principle with which the auto trader works is simple. The News Spy trading robots scan the cryptocurrency market in search or signals and trends that predict the deals on cryptocurrency. If a good deal arises, the system processes the transaction on behalf of the account owner. It is basically about buying and selling cryptocurrency to make a profit.

The catch is that the auto trading robots work fast enough to complete lucrative deals before the market trends change.

How to Open a New Spy Account

Heres how we created our first account to test the features of The News Spy;

Step 1: Account Registration

We created an account in less than five minutes. It was a simple process that only required information such as account name, email, and phone number. After the details we provided were verified, we created a password.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

We transferred some money into the account for the live trading process. We decided to start small and made a deposit of $250 using a MasterCard.

Step 3: Demo trading

The demo trading system on The News Spy works excellently. It can be used to study how live trading works. But since the trading processes are automated, we dont think many users will need to test this feature.

Step 4: Live Trading

We started our live trading session with a click. It was so easy. The system allowed us to set a stop-loss limit on our account, and the trading process started.

The robots worked fast, we noticed that it was possible to perform hundreds of transactions in minutes. My team was impressed with the live trading process, and we can confirm that it is done in real-time.

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Features of the News Spy Trading Software

Payout system

We studied the payout system on The News Spy. It is fast and accurate. Payout is done after live trading sessions end. It is an automated process that evaluates individual earnings accurately.

Verification System

The verification system uses standard measures to check all processes done on the auto trading platform.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We sent in a withdrawal request that was completed in 24-hours. This was impressive and fast, compared to other automated trading platforms we have used. Also, the addition of multiple payment options makes it easy for investors to make a deposit and start earning passively.

Service Charges

The News Spy takes a percentage of the profits earned by investors after each live trading session ends. We think this is brilliant, the system does not earn if the investor loses.

User Testimonials

We read so many positive testimonials on the site. We discovered that many users are making over $5,000 daily with The News Spy.

Customer Service

The customer service system works 24/7, it is functional, and the response we got was fast.


The brokers monitor the auto trading system to ensure that all investors are earning passively.

Why we recommend The News Spy

We believe everyone can make money from the cryptocurrency market if they use a good auto trading platform. And The News Spy is perfect. It is user-friendly, secure, and the accuracy rating is excellent. We are also impressed with the customer service, which is available 24/7, and the withdrawal system is fast.

Here are our top tips for new investors who want to start earning passively;

1. Start with an investment of $250. This is the lowest deposit you can make on the platform. We think it is best to start small and grow your capital.

2. Withdraw your profit. After earning withdraw and save your profit, while you reinvest the capital.

3. Join online forums. Find forums for cryptocurrency traders and interact with others to know the latest market trends.

4. Invest your disposable income. Always invest your free money instead of your savings.

Is there a Mobile App for News-Spy?

There is no mobile app for The News Spy yet. We were able to use the auto trader via web browsers on our mobile devices and laptops.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

We concluded that The News Spy is a legit auto trading platform that can be trusted by all investors. We came to this conclusion after analysing out test results during this review. We found it easy to use all the features of the auto trader, and everything works perfectly. We also tested the live trading feature and confirmed that it works in real-time. The entire system is transparent. There are no hidden fees and we were able to withdraw our earnings to a bank account without any problems.

With these findings, we concluded that everyone could invest with The News Spy, make money passively and withdraw their earnings. The investment opportunity is perfect for busy people who need an alternative source of income.

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How much does it cost to start using the News Spy?

It is absolutely free. You can create an account on the platform without paying any money. Then after the account is activated, make a deposit and start trading with the live trading feature. All the features work with a simple click on the platform.

How secure is The News Spy platform?

We found out that user data and funds are secured with the best anti-virus and malware that encrypts the data on the site.

Can I withdraw crypto from my The News Spy account?

No, this is not possible because all your earnings are converted to your local currency before it is sent to the bank account that you have linked to your account.

How long will it take to make a profit?

It is possible to start earning with The News Spy from your very first live trading session. The trading system is very fast and effective.

How fast is the withdrawal system?

Withdrawal requests are processed within 24-hours on the average. We know that it is a seamless process that is reliable.

Have celebrities endorsed The News Spy?

No, there are no celebrity endorsements. If it happens, the details will be published on the official auto trading platform for The News Spy.

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