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The Exodus Effect: True Anointed Oil Recipe Book for Divine Body Healing

June 18, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, June 18 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. Exodus Effect is a digital guide that shows consumers to create a recipe for Anointing Oil with ingredients that are easy to afford. There is a lot of mystery around what this product does for users, but consumers can learn more by purchasing the guide today and learning how to make real holy anointed oil from home for pennies on the dollar.

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Hailed as a biblical breakthrough, lets review The Exodus Effect: True Holy Anointing Oil Book and see what the cannabis recipes, story and health company behind this are all about in this hot and trending divine body health guide that aims to add years of pain-free living to your life.

What is The Exodus Effect?

For individuals that read the Bible, there are texts that state that humans used to live long lifespans, reaching centuries old before they passed. Despite the lack of advancements from modern medicine at the time, people managed to keep themselves healthy enough to survive for a substantial amount of time. However, with todays innovations, most people dont make it to age 100.

People go through many disease and conditions nowadays, related to the decline of both the brain and body as it ages. While this process is completely natural right now, that doesnt mean that consumers just have to accept it. Stress can make a big difference, and a guide titled the Exodus Effect aims to help men and women everywhere to restore their health and wellness.

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Written by Dr. Sula Benet, the book primarily focuses on a word that the author found in the Bible to be mistranslated. Dr. Benet believes that this word is the key to a lost recipe to make Holy Anointed Oil. The recipe is exposed for anyone that reads this guide, allowing readers to spend hardly anything to make it for themselves. The process isnt described much online, but users should expect to spend a few hours on the oil.

This guide might make traditional Christians a little uncomfortable because Dr. Benet says it will directly contradict what they have learned. However, if they are willing to put faith in this recipe and the oil itself, consumers may see a major difference in their health. The official Exodus Effect presentation goes into great detail about all of the ailments the cannabis oil-based recipes can help support and possibly treat using the true holy anointed oil formulas. From diabetes, arthritis, bunions, pulmonary disease, insomnia or just being tired and worn out, the comprehensive book may be the best option to learn how to safely and effectively create your own real cannabis oil infusions from home.


Accessing the Exodus Effect

All of the materials of the Exodus Effect book are digital, and users will only have to pay $67 to get access. In the purchase, consumers will get the main guide, but they will also receive:

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*** Lazarus Effect, which incudes ways to potentially increase the readers life by up to 15 years*** Divine Pet, which shows how users can integrate the oil into their pets routine*** Hidden Prayers, which is a collection of over 30 different prayers that can make the oil more effectiveFor consumers that are unsure about purchasing Exodus Effect, there is a brief survey online that goes over the individuals current problems and their faith in God. Once completed, they are sending a free expos via email to show individuals how to use prayer to heal faster.Frequently Asked Questions About the Exodus Effect

The mystic behind the highly sought out Divine Origins Exodus Effect recipe book for cannabis-infused medicines warrants many questions from consumers. Positioned as the Exodus Error and hailed as one of the missing pieces of the lost ancient scriptures, here are the most popular questions about the True Holy Anointing Oil system.

What is Exodus Effect?

Exodus Effect is a guide that describes how to make Holy Anointing Oil, what recipes it can be used in, and how it can improve health.

How do consumers make the Holy Anointing Oil?

Obviously, the only way that the specific recipe will be revealed is through purchasing the guide, but the creators state that it will include cassia, olive oil, cinnamon, myrrh, and calamus.

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What does the anointing oil do?

With the use of the anointing oil, users can blend the concoction into different recipes to reduce the risk of health conditions like high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes. Many of the uses of this oil have to do with faith-based techniques that can bring Christians closer to God.

How can the program benefit readers?

By following Exodus Effect, readers will be able to improve their overall health and energy. They may also prevent the spread of cancer, manage anxiety, heal the brain of cognitive diseases, and bring the user closer to God.

Who developed this guide?

The creator of Exodus Effect is Pastor Andrew from Divine Origins. The self-proclaimed theology expert used the information he knows about the Bible to develop the content and tips for readers. He claims that the use of this oil is what maintained the health of the Israelites when they were lost. Consumers that may have other questions can reach out to customer service via phone call (1-877-334-3257) or email ( ).


Exodus Effect provides users with a solution that is easy for them to make for themselves, while promising to change some age-related problems. The bonus content makes it possible to use this same oil for pets in the family, while telling consumers what they can do to increase their lifespan. The program was developed by a pastor, who says that this oil though controversial could be the way to be closer to God and live a healthier life.

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