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5G Male Review – Does it Really Work? – Read Here

May 25, 2020 GMT

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are in control as a man. You can satisfy your woman as many times as she needs it and drive her to her peak every time you choose. All it takes is for you to control the ding dong below your belt at all times.

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You have heard that your age determines how often you can get there, how fast you can keep it up, and even if you can rise to the occasion in the first place.

You may have begun to see some of these things happening If you are in the age bracket of 40 years and above. Your energy levels are in the dumps. You are unable to erect on demand. You find yourself straining to stay erect, and even have a struggle with not getting there within the first few seconds of getting it on.


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It is time to try on something new and different If this is the situation you face. It is time for liberation against oppression from sexual underperformance. You find this solution in 5G Male. Read on to find out what this product offers you.

Getting to Know 5G Male

5G Male is a supplement created by scientists who discovered a wonder in a 70-year-old man named Dave. Dave is a retired veteran who served in Vietnam and got his superpowers from there as well. He can get hard and stay hard at his age, which is a miracle in itself. Dave uses this gift to pleasure women in the entertainment industry. And he is the only one of his kind.

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Scientists decided to reverse engineer the effect in Daves blood so he can provide a solution to all the men out there who struggle to get hard and stay hard. The secret lay in five foods that Dave consumed while in Vietnam. And these foods were discovered to help him get long-lasting erections, and the hardest cocks humanity had ever been treated to. And this is without the help of any prescription medication or gadgets.

Dave was exposed to these foods while visiting a brothel in Vietnam. He was unable to perform, however much he wanted a release. The overseer of the brothel gave him noodles that got him rocking an erection in a short time. And that was the starting point of sexual freedom for Dave. He discovered that this dish gave him the superpower to drive his lover all night long. This power led him to get into the porn industry as the five foods enabled him to perform like a sex superman. He was able to achieve this superbly using a dish called Xao Toi.


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Ingredients in the Formula
One of the ingredients that make up this super performance dish is called garlic. You all know it as a powerful herb with a strong, pungent smell.
Allicin is the main element found in garlic. However, Vietnamese garlic is different from the regular garlic found in other places.
The second ingredient that supports the powerful work of this program is ginseng. It grows in the Vietnam jungles and can be eaten raw.
Ginkgo leaves are another ingredient that is regularly used in the dish Dave ate. They are also a great addition to tea.
The other two components are green tea and ginger.

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How Does 5G Male Work?
Allicin aids your blood vessels to get and stay clean. It encourages blood flow to the penile region, giving you rock hard erections that last through the night.
Garlic is also responsible for the release of an element that decreases stress on blood vessels, thereby encouraging the flow and retention of blood in the penis.
Ginseng is responsible for giving harder, longer, and constant erections. This root also increases your sperm count allowing you to have more cum to give and more intense ejaculations.
Ginkgo leaves are responsible for the expansion of blood vessels allowing you to get blood driven to the penis in droves by releasing nitric oxide into the blood. These leaves are also responsible for getting your blood to flow more freely. This fluid nature is responsible for giving faster erections.
Ginger is responsible for encouraging the body to produce testosterone, which is necessary for the healthy production of sperm.
Green tea is responsible for promoting blood flow in the penile region and elevating your mood.

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Using 5G Male

5G Male is a simple-to-use supplement. You will only need to take it once a day, ensuring you dont forget. You also dont have to carry it anywhere you go to keep up with the dosage. You will need to maintain a steady intake of a balanced diet, keep as fit as you can be, and rest as recommended.

How Much to Take

You are advised to take one pill per day of this supplement to get the most out of it. Anything more is an overdose and is ill-advised. You are also advised to consult your doctor before you begin to take this supplement if you have a preexisting condition.

Safety Standards

This supplement is created using herbs and related ingredients used in cooked meals in Vietnam. They have been used safely for centuries and are now starting to benefit men outside this region.

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Advantages of 5G Male
Erections on Demand: You get to experience stiff erections at the mere thought of sex or in the presence of an attractive woman.
Rock Hard Erections: You have the power to get stiff erections through the crazy amounts of blood to the penile region.
Relaxed Mood: Your mood will get elevated the moment you start taking this supplement. Your stress will ease to give you a clear focus to please your sex partner.

5G Male Cost

The cost of this supplement is kept low to allow you to access it comfortably. It costs $69.95 only per single-month dose.

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5G Money-Back Guarantee

The company gives you a generous 90-day money-back guarantee. You get to use this supplement for a whole close to three months while evaluating if it works. You are then free to contact customer support if you feel it is not working as you hoped it would. You will get a full refund minus shipping and handling.


How often should I take 5G Male?
You take the supplement only once a week and get ready to reap the benefits.

How soon should I expect it to work?
The supplement will work within two weeks after you begin taking it.

The Future

Your possible future has you like a raging stallion getting your lover to screaming orgasms. All this depends on if you decide to get onboard 5G Male and start streaming bucket loads of cum into your partner. It is time to regain control of your life.

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