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ZenBooster Reviews – A Powerful Router that Boosts Internet Bandwidth

June 26, 2020 GMT

Miami, Florida, United States, June 26 2020 (Wiredrelease) Health Spotlight In todays day and age, the internet has become an integral part of everyones lives. So much that the whole planet will come at a standstill if there were some sort of a global outage. Every household has an internet connection and almost every modern device is pretty much unusable without internet connectivity.

Since technology is literally evolving by the second, data sizes are at a steady increase. The speed of an internet connection determines how much data can be transferred (uploaded or downloaded) per unit time, which is why faster internet speeds are always preferred.

However, most people feel like theyre not getting the speed that they paid for. After a few months of the installation of the internet, the speed seems to deteriorate. Why is that? Well, well look at the possible explanation of this later on but for now, a solution to that problem is a WiFi speed booster called ZenBooster.


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What is ZenBooster Why would anyone need it?

So the ZenBooster is like a swiss army knife. Apart from acting just like a normal wireless internet router, it can also boost internet bandwidth to improve dropped speeds, and act as a repeater to extend the range of the WiFi. It comes as a small package that makes it ultra-portable and, depending on how its used, it can fully function without any cables sticking out of it.

As its name suggests, ZenBoosters main feature thats highlighted by the people that make it is its ability to boost internet bandwidth. Now, why would anyone want to improve their bandwidth? Well, theres kind of a conspiracy that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) purposefully mess with the bandwidth of their customers routers so that after a few months of the installation of the internet, it starts to seem slow.

With the slow internet, the customers feel like they need to go for a more expensive package with higher internet speeds, and thus the ISP gets more profit. While its debatable whether that actually happens or not, we can admit that slow internet speeds are a bummer and a speed booster is something anyone would prefer having.

Apart from that, the ZenBooster can also act as a WiFi range extender, which is useful if someone has a house larger than the area their router can cover. While setting up, it can be connected to the original WiFi router wirelessly and then placed somewhere convenient.

How does ZenBooster work?

Lets start with the bandwidth boosting feature. The aforementioned trick thats used by ISPs is called Bandwidth Throttling. Now, the origins of this technique may have been innocent but over time, it has been claimed to be misused by the ISPs for luring customers to pay more.


ZenBoost, however, doesnt let that happen as it keeps the maximum bandwidth open. This prevents the ISPs ability to throttle that bandwidth and, in turn results in a much faster internet speed. That speed is what the customer paid for and is what they deserve to have. The bandwidth boosting feature works only when ZenBooster is being used as a router.

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The other feature of ZenBooster is the ability to extend the range of WiFi. What happens is that via a simple process, ZenBooster can be connected to the WiFi signal of an existing router. Once that is done, it can give off wireless signals of its own that access the internet via the signals from the original router.

Then ZenBooster can be placed anywhere where it can easily pick up the signals from the parent router and use it to spread its signals over to places that were originally out of reach. This process is called Wireless Repeating and its quite common in places where theres WiFi required over a large area.

Its pretty easy to set up the ZenBooster and, thanks to its compact size, it can directly be plugged into an electrical socket without a wire. If the repeater mode is being used, then theres even no need to connect it to a modem with a LAN cable as everything is being done wirelessly.

Benefits of ZenBooster

It can act as a compact wireless router.

It can boost bandwidth to counter bandwidth throttling by ISPs.

It can act as a range extender.

Its easy to set up and use.

Because of its compact and simple design, it doesnt look out of place in interiors.

It has an amazing return policy with a money-back guarantee.

It is priced reasonably so that the vast majority can afford it.

Price, Availability Verdict

The ZenBooster is available in packages depending on how many units a person buys at a time. There are 4 different packages and theyre priced accordingly. Now, while the original prices were reasonable enough, theres also a limited time discount that drops those prices down by 50%. The discounted prices are:

1 unit ($39.95)

2 units ($69.95)

3 units ($99.95)

4 units ($129.95)

The first package has an additional shipping charge of $8.99 while the rest come with free shipping. The discount dramatically makes the ZenBooster a better value for money than it already was.

It is to note, however, that this device is only available from the official website. If anyone wants to purchase it from a store, that wont be possible. The good news is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a peace of mind for anyone whos paranoid of getting a faulty device.

Overall, the ZenBooster is an amazing and useful little device that can do so much more than what it costs. In case you want to know more about it and potentially buy it, head over to its website here.

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