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Blaux Portable AC: New Blaux Air Cooler Helps Beat the Heat

June 18, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, June 18 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. Blaux Portable AC is a perfect partner to have paired up with you to beat the summertime heat. As extreme temperature and scorching hot and humid days dawn upon us all this bright and beautiful summer, the need for staying cool, calm and comfortable is if vital essence. That is where the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner for personal air cooling, chilling and purifying comes to the rescue for everyone looking to quickly and easily cool any space, any time.

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Given how intolerable or even brutal the summertime heat may be, now is the perfect opportunity to review how the Blaux Portable AC works as a compact, easy to transport, and lightweight rechargeable air conditioning unit that is great for hot days at home or humid days at the office. But how does the low-noise, mood lightning, 3-speed fan Blaux Portable Air Conditioner work via replaceable water curtains and dust particle filtering as well as a humidifier? It is time to review the hottest item of the summer in the Blaux AC for portable and personal use to help beat the heat once and for all!


What Does the Blaux Personal AC Do?

The Blaux Personal AC is a travel-compatible, cost-effective, gorgeously-compact, and high-tech refreshing air conditioning device that functions just like other bigger AC systems out there. It only costs much less and offers great value for its price, this being the reason why so many people in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada have decided to buy it. As a matter of fact, this amazing air conditioning gadget is gaining more and more attention all over the world for being an efficient alternative to conventional, bulky, expensive AC units. The German-engineered technology behind the Blaux Portable AC is nothing short of amazing when it comes to personal air conditioning technology.

Simply stated, consumer reviews about the Blaux Portable AC have related it to quite possibly being the best thing you could do today to immediately improve the quality of your day to day life by just simply not being subjected to overheating, fatigue or heat-related exhaustion.

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As a personal air cooler, the Blaux Personal AC doesn’t only regulate the temperature in a room, it also filters the air. Being portable, it can be carried anywhere and doesn’t have to be installed by a professional. At the same time, it greatly reduces the electricity costs. This 3in1 device functions as an air cooler, a humidifier and a fan. It doesn’t need to be plugged to a power source in order to function. While making the air cooler, it also cleans it from dust particles, seeing it’s made with a powerful filtering technology that cleans the environment. Since it’s covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, this device can be returned to the manufacturer for a replacement or refund, yet within the 30 days period since being bought.

Blaux Personal AC Technical Specs

There are many technical specifications that make the Blaux Personal AC the best product of its kind and requires no professional assistance to setup or install. These options all but make traditional ACs obsolete and include:

Operating at a low noise level of under 40 dB

Featuring a removable network cover that makes it easy to clean

Powered by USB

A DC5V nominal power

1-Watt negative ion for the working power

It works continuously for 8 hours in the 1st gear, for 4.5 hours in the 2nd, and for 2.5 hours in the 3rd

Comes with a type-C cable for charging

Has 3 fan adjustable speeds

Easy to be filled from the top

No basin

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As one can admire, there is quite a world of optimal space cooling features and functions worthy of analysis when it comes to researching why so many consumers are turning to the Blaux Portable AC as the clean-cut answer to solving the uphill battle of beating the summertime heat whenever you go. Lets review the personal Blaux AC unit and see why the portable air conditioning unit is helping consumers stop throwing away money in to the bottomless pit of the electric company and lowering their electricity utility bills for good while enjoying a cool, relaxing, non-overheating environment whenever, wherever.

Here are the most prized and praised attributes of this personal air conditioner from Blaux that can help you avoid making your living space dehydrating, sweaty or an uncomfortable nightmare to survive the peak daytime heat that is on the horizon.

Blaux Personal AC Features

The features of the Blaux Personal AC make this device even more attractive. Here are the attributes explained one by one, step by step in our guide to beating the summer heat with Blaux Portable AC device to see why the rapid cooling, moisturizing and purifying highlights are invaluable this hot and humid season.


Many people have decided to buy the Blaux Portable AC because it’s easy to carry around anywhere, as it doesn’t weigh much and has a very compact design. This means it can be used in the office, at the gym, in the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room. It can even be taken in the luggage when going on vacation. The carrying handle makes it possible to be carried around without feeling uncomfortable.

The Air Filter Purifies the Air

This amazing portable AC unit has a very efficient filter that purifies the air no matter how polluted the atmosphere may be. It eliminates all the germs and dust, including allergens and other harmful particles that are highly damaging for the respiratory system.

Long-Life Battery

The long-life battery of the Blaux Personal AC makes it stand out from the crowd too. When fully charged, this air conditioning unit can cool and purify the air for an entire day. More than this, it starts doing this in only 30 seconds.

Fan Running at 3 Speeds

The 3-speed fan of the Blaux Personal AC allows the person who’s using this device to control how the air is flowing through the unit, something that’s a lot of help when it comes to reducing the electricity bill. For example, when it’s not so hot outside, the fan can be kept at a lower speed, whereas when the sun begins to shine brighter, the fan speed can be increased to provide more cooling.

Not at all Noisy

When functioning, the Blaux Personal AC makes a noise of under 40 dB, which is almost unnoticeable. At this level of noise, anyone can concentrate on work or sleep without being bothered.

Easy to Clean

Just like anything else, the Blaux Personal AC needs to be cleaned, especially since its mesh holes can become stuck with moisture and dirt. However, cleaning it is a very simple process that can be done with only a cloth and some disinfectant. There’s no need to hire someone professional, which means maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Lightening to Set the Mood

The Mood Lightening system of the Blaux Personal AC is very useful when wanting a more intimate atmosphere.

Filter Technology

The Blaux Personal AC system features a filtering system that needs replacement sometimes, yet still not so often. This filtering system kills bacteria and eliminates pollutants in order to clean and refresh the air.

Charging and Power Indicator

It’s impossible to have the Blaux Personal AC running out of battery because it features a Charging and Power LED indicator that shows how much energy it has left and its charging status. This is very important when there’s no power source around, moment in which the device needs to be set to function at lower speeds.

How Much Does the Blaux Personal AC Cost?

The Blaux Personal AC unit is not only very affordable, it can also be bought in 2 packages, not to mention that now comes at 50% OFF, an offer that will last only for a limited period of time. One unit starts at $89.99, whereas 2 devices come in a package that costs only $179.98. 3 of the units together cost $247.47. Payments can be made via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Amex and others.

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Who Makes the Blaux Personal AC?

The company that makes the Blaux Personal AC is Blaux, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based ecommerce giant Strong Current Enterprises. The Blaux customer support team can be found at:


Phone for the US: 609-414-7087

Phone for Canada: 778-300-0854

Phone for the UK and Ireland: 08708 200084

Phone for Australia and New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316

Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Is the Blaux Portable AC Worth It for You Personally?

No one in their right mind would enjoy being suffocated with hot and humid extreme temperatures this summer. While many heat-related health conditions of heatstrokes, dehydration and fatigue are atop the list of things not to have happen this summer due to high heat climates, the Blaux Portable AC may be your new best friend for the summertime.

The Blaux Personal air conditioning unit is the best choice for those who want to cool and purify the air in their home or office, all without spending too much money, having to call someone professional for installation, or needing to worry about the electricity bill.

To add fuel to the fire and flame up the benefits of the Blaux Portable AC+ personal air conditioning unit, not only does it cool and moisturize the air around you, it also purifies and cleans your breathable environment of dust, pollen, allergens and pollutants. The Blaux AC has an extremely quiet fan and soothing night light that give this portable air conditioner a personal touch that makes for a great gift idea as well.

Whether you are an office worker,work at a teacher’s desk, do mechanics, work in stuffy garages, under work benches, visit humid reading rooms, or even patios, RV’s and tents, the portable AC unit from Blaux is the perfect personal air conditioning device to add into your daily use for staying cool and comfortable with mobile convenience.

No matter how brutal or intolerable those long hot and humid summer days can get, where youre back sticks to the back of the seat or the days where it feels like as soon as you hop out the shower you are jumping into a sauna, the Blaux Portable AC Personal Air Conditioning Cooler may be the perfect partner for the summer!

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As a risk-free purchase option, with a money back guarantee and iron-clad refund return policy; the super quiet, multi-mood color lighting, ecologically low-energy consuming, long-lasting water tank with 3-speed fan options and adjustable blade for multi-directional cooling options the Blaux Personal AC provides, you simply can not go wrong with this compact and portable air conditioner that is at an affordable price and brings out the best in rapid cooling innovation, high-tech features and practical use and application to overcome the dreaded heatwaves set to happen over the next few months.

Avoiding burning up or chewing up hard-earned money and buy the Blaux Portable AC unit today and enjoy the benefits of having the most popular personal air conditioner right by your side all summer long.

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