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Photo Stick Reviews – MUST Read Before Buying

June 17, 2020 GMT

Haxtun, 206 N. Colorado Ave, Colorado June 17 2020 (Wiredrelease), The Giddyup Group LLC, The Photo Stick Unbiased Review,  Thephotostick Instantly Backup Your Photos Videos In One Click, PhotoStick offers a brilliant and convenient way of backing up photos and videos, quickly and efficiently. This Photostick Review will go over all the important facts about Thephotostick helping you to make a wise decision if this back device will be a good fit for your needs.

What is The Photo Stick?

It wasnt long ago when we required a camera with us all the time to capture the precious moments in our life. Today, many of us have replaced traditional cameras with digital cameras or mobile phones. With films and reels to digitally photons, it is safe to say that cameras have come a long way. But there is one problem that we as consumers still face, misplacing, and losing our precious photos. So, isn’t it about time we change that? Photo Stick is a revolutionary device that helps you backup your photos, videos, and files with just a simple click.  It is a small USB drive that you insert into your PC.


Photo Stick will protect your data from all the drive failures, PC Failures, Power outage and other unfortunate events. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Photo Stick. All you need to do is connect the device to your computer and then automatically Photo Stick will send the data into the cloud for backup.

Photo Stick is popular nowadays due to its compact size and fast backup speed, but it should be noted here that this review mentions the PC version. There is another one for the smartphone ones.


How does The Photo Stick work?

Photo Stick is a really simple device, all you need to do is connect the device to your PC, and then it will automatically save all the data for backup. Photo Stick is programmed to immediately backup the images, videos and files as soon it is saved on the PC.

Photo Stick Pros Cons

Photo Stick is just like any other device that has its advantages and disadvantages. So lets see some pros and cons of the renowned device.


Compact and Handy The Photo Stick is a really small and handy tool, with a size of regular USB pen drive, you can use the device with your laptop while travelling.

Super fast Back-up Just plug the device to your laptop, and it will take the same amount of time for Photo Stick to back up your photos as it took you for reading this sentence.

Thousands of files that you can back-up Photo Stick comes in various variants of 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB where you can store more than 60,000 files.

Runs automatically Photo Stick doesnt ask for much attention, it’s a one time thing where it asks for setup and then it automatically does its job without any need of cross checking


Files just a click away In the sea of photos, videos and documents you can easily search for any file with just a click, thanks to the search option!

No twinning If by any mistake you back up the same file twice, Photo Stick will automatically delete one of the duplicated files.

User- Friendly Anyone can use the device as it is that easy to maneuver.

Worth the price If there is one thing that Photo Stick does absolute justice with is the price of it.

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With great features comes some bad reviews. Photo Stick is not a device like a perfect device like the wheel, but its still revolutionary. Here are some downfalls of the device

Difficult to get hands on Photo Stick is only available on the online platforms, and due to this reason it gets out of stock within a short period of time. Though the company is trying to increase production but this step will take a lot of time as the set up of factories and all other factors pitch in to hinder the production. At this moment getting a Photo Stick is a game of luck.

No 32 GB variant Photo Stick comes in three variants of 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. These three variants are good but 16 GB variants are often the choice for many customers.

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The Benefits Photo Stick Offers

Photo Stick installation only requires inserting the drive into the computer, everything after that Photo Stick will handle.  The whole process will take around 10-20 minutes, it actually depends on the amount of the files you have to transfer. There is no need of manually selecting the flies and saving it to the cloud, it will be done automatically by the device. With Photo Stick you can forget the command “ctrl+c” “ctrl+v”.

Photo Stick will also get rid of the duplicate files, so you dont have to search for the twin one and delete it manually. Once the file has been backed up, you can look into the file anywhere with any other PC.

Technical Specifications of The Photo Stick

The Photo Stick is compatible with all computer operating software systems. Photo Stick works in  Windows 7, XP, as well as Windows ten and eight. Photo Stick will work in all these operative systems that feature a USB port.


Reviews for the Photo Stick

The Photo Stick Mobile may be a tiny thumb drive that instantly backs up all of your videos images files from iPhone and most iOS devices. Its easy to use, and it will do all the lengthy and challenging work for you. After I connected the Photo Stick for my iPhone, all the photos automatically were picked and secured.

How To Use The Photo Stick

If you assume that Photo Stick works sort of like a regular flash drive would, you are mostly right. You will have to create positive that your pc is on and running before you inject the tool into one in all those pc ports. Itll mostly take many seconds before a window starts. This window can have a button within the centre with Go. Then it provides the tool permission to access your Winchester drive.

Photo Stick will take anyplace a moment or over 1 / 4 of the associate hour, and it will support whatever quantity of video and photos files youve on your pc, and therefore overall speed and power of your pc devices are standard as well.

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How Much will The Photo Stick Cost?

The best place to get a Photo Stick on the net is either from the official manufacturer or on the Amazon platform. Each site has some benefits for shoppers nowadays. Youll be able to read all about the market products and compare them. You will find a link to the official website within the Resources and, therefore, the more Reading section below—free choices area unit all on the market from this website. Youll realize some particular rating on the market too. The location typically runs deals that permit you to urge product for fewer or get an agreement after you furnish bulk.

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Buying on Amazon is a beautiful alternative for people who need to save lots of cash. Once we checked out The Photo Stick in Dec of 2018, it sold-out on Amazon for $24.99 and had a $39.99 price. The official website listed this retail worth, however, had the merchandise on sale for $34.99. Despite that website you get this product from, youll have to be required to pay further for shipping, too, particularly if you would like it by a selected date. Photo Stick may be a comprehensive vacation gift plan and might sell out on-line round the holidays. You would probably realize that you simply can purchase one, but you will not compass until Jan or later. The Photo Stick comes in 3 variants. The value of the Photo Stick depends on memory. Current costs on Amazon units are given below

Photo Stick 8 GB $34.99

Photo Stick 64 GB $49.99

Photo Stick 128 GB $79.99

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If you are looking for that convenient and keen backup device, this is it. There are already plenty of Photo Stick reviews out there; however, I felt like I had to present my very own opinion and write my Photo Stick reviews. It provides it with a try; several the Photo Stick reviews are positive.



What Files will The Photo Stick we tend to find?

Have you ever uploaded photos from your phone to your pc and forgot to alter the file names before saving them? Most systems can assign a name to those photos that grasp numbers if you want to seek out a selected image later and cannot keep in mind the name connected or might have a tough time finding that image. Photo Stick reviews usually signify; however, well, this widget works on each picture and alternative styles of files. It completely works quickly. However, it will find any photos saved on your Winchester drive and make backups of these pictures.

The Photo Stick works best on JPEG files. As long as the pc saves those files during this format, youll be able to realize them. Itll work on data collected in MOV and MPEG4 formats. Youll be able to adapt the tool and appearance for alternative file varieties like PNG photos too. Many of the pictures you transfer from the net or those you take and edit might use this format. It will do an excellent job of memorizing those photos, too, that keeps it from making new backups of identical files.

How Many Photos are you able to Save?

Many shoppers have a standard question concerning what number photos and alternative documents theyll keep a copy with the assistance of this device. The solution is that it depends on the model we tend to obtain. Amazon offers a very cheap model, which is a Photo Stick 8. This model provides 8 GB of storage that stores up to five hundred pictures. The Photo Stick 64 model has 64 GB of storage and should delay to 30,000 photos. We will know Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model on the market. It will hold 60,000 pictures and offers 128 GB of memory for storing.


How to operate a Photo Stick?

The chances are good that even when reading regarding this coding tool that you simply still arent quite sure what to try to do with it. Once you take away the Stick from its packaging, youll see that its a tiny low cap on the highest. You would like to open this cover to reveal the USB stick that extends out from the tool. When finding a free port on your pc, merely insert the Stick into that port. Most computers can mechanically acknowledge the device and issue a window that allows you to run it.

If you do not see this window, you should open My pc and there you can use the USB icon. It ought to show that theres one thing within that port. Once you double-click thereon, the pc can authorize the Photo Stick code to run. If youve got a waterproof that wont run the Stick, youll seek for the USB possibility on your pc. You furthermore might have the choice of gaping your file manager and writing the extension name of the Stick into the box, which can force it to run. Once it finishes running, you can remove the Stick or transfer it prevented into you.

Why must you Get a PhotoStick?

Hard Drives mostly fails to identify. Mobile Phones fail all the time, one drop and youll lose all of your files. This tool doesnt need web affiliation further. It doesnt have something to try and do with the cloud, which makes it safe.

Money-Back Guarantee

The developers behind The Photo Stick know that some shoppers wont adore it as much as others do. If the product fails to satisfy your expectations, youll be able to request a refund from the corporate that produces it. If you provide a smart reason, then Photostick will grant refunds.

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Other Photostick Products

While Photo Stick 8 and other tools are excellent for users today, the company also makes some other gadgets and tools that you can use. One option is The Photo Stick mobile app. This is an app that works for your phone and with the associated gadget. Though this gadget looks similar to the classic Photostick, it does not come with the same USB end. The manufacturer knows that newer phones do not have space for a USB port and offers tools that will fit in the port that your phone has. It can backup thousands of pictures and gives you a safe place to store your files. You can download the Photo Stick for Android and iPhones.

The Photo Stick mobile reviews are quite positive and point out that it does an excellent job of backing up files found on most phones. You can pick from different sizes that include up to 64 GB of storage. All the Photo Stick mobile models are compatible with Android and Apple phones. There is also a device called The Photo Stick Plus, which looks like an external hard drive and comes with a USB plug. It has one terabyte of storage and can hold up to 100,000 photos or a great combination of videos and other files. The Plus model is more expensive than the standard model though and may have more space than you need.

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Alternatives for Photo Stick

If for a few reasons, you opt that either of that merchandise wont meet your desires, there are some excellent options out there. Whereas their square measure masses to decide on from, we tend to compile an inventory of the highest three, that well mention a lot of below. Youll even be ready to see a comparison chart that will allow you to see the options quickly and while not an excessive amount of reading.

SanDisk Cruzer 256GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

The second variation is the SanDisk Cruzer 256GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. This 256GB flash drive will hinder 14,400 photos, 640 minutes of video, 16,000 songs, and 64GB of files or documents. Its sufficiently small to hold anyplace, while not being therefore little that you simply act.

Its also encrypted with a 128-bit AES software system, that helps make sure that your files square measure safe. The coding conjointly comes with an additional layer of security, that could be a needed watchword to access data. SanDisk contains a two-year limited assurance that provides you lots of time to exchange if need be.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB

Alternative variety three is that the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB. This USB flash drive could be a bit different than others as a result of its created specifically for iPhone and iPad devices. This implies you cant use it with golem phones or devices sort of a portable computer or PC. Additionally, the adapter contains a versatile half that produces it doable to figure with the bulk of iPhone cases.

With 128GB of cupboard space, youll expect to get 7,200 photos, 320 minutes of video, 8,000 songs, and 32GB of file area. If youve got an iPhone or iPad and want to transfer some files, this is often a fantastic choice


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