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Bitcoin Revolution Review – Scam or legit Robot? Find out here!

May 25, 2020 GMT

Founded in 2012, Bitcoin Revolution is one of the oldest trading robots in the market today. This robot has gone viral in recent days due to its extremely high alleged profitability. Some of those who have tried it report earning a daily return of up to 400%.

But is Bitcoin Revolution legit and does it make such profits? We have done thorough background checks on this robot, and it appears to be trustworthy. The supposed profitability is also likely real, given the positive feedback from users.

This review will take an in-depth look at Bitcoin Revolution and factors that make it popular with users. We will also offer trading tips to help you improve your chances of success with it.

What exactly is Bitcoin Revolution?

In general, a robot is a computer program capable of carrying out complex series automatically. Robots have been all the rage in recent years as the world shifts to automation. Researchers estimate that they will take over 20 million jobs in the next ten years.


In finance, robots are already a norm with both commercial and investment banks automating most of their services. In investment banking, robots are taking over professional wealth management and trading. Wall Street best-performing hedge funds are today managed by robo-advisors.

Research shows that most investors prefer robots to a human wealth manager since they have proven to perform better over the years. Moreover, robot-managed funds tend to charge less management fees. For the record, a robo-advisor is for long term investment while trading robots are for the short term.

Trading robots are also popular with financial institutions and individuals. Most of the robots in the market today trade traditional assets, mostly forex and stock. Some of these trading robots allegedly generate up to $1 million in daily profits.

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading robot for the crypto. Like most top trading bots, this robot supposedly generates profits of up to 400% daily. The robot can allegedly turn an ordinary trader with an initial investment of 250 USD into a crypto millionaire in less a year of trading. That is if the investor reinvests at least 80% of their returns.

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How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

Bitcoin Revolution is an intelligent robot that can read and learn from both qualitative and quantitative data.

The robot achieves this through cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. AI, through its subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP), enables machines to read and understand human language. This is crucial in news trading.


Bitcoin Revolution reads the news and takes positions 0.001 seconds before the markets can respond. This makes it the most advanced BTC news trading robot in the market today. The robot trades BTC through a financial derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD).

Financial derivative trading has gained popularity in the recent past. This is because it is supposed to be more profitable than the physical buying and selling of the underlying asset. Bitcoin Revolution can also conduct technical analysis and execute trades with a supposed accuracy of 99%.  Technical analysis in trading involves an analysis of trading charts to identify tradable patterns.

Bitcoin Revolution trades popular BTC pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/EUR/, BTC/ETH, and many others. With a leverage of up to 4000:1, users can take positions that are 4k times their invested capital. As mentioned earlier, leverage is offered by partner brokers. You do not have to understand any trading lingo or have any trading experience to trade with this robot.

Getting started with Bitcoin Revolution

Trading with Bitcoin Revolution doesnt require any specific skills. Users are provided with comprehensive instructions and performance depends on how well you follow them.

This means that you must study the trading guide carefully before going live. There is also a demo to help you test various functions before starting to trade.

Bitcoin Revolution is accessible in over 120 countries. Try the signup process here to determine if you can access it from your country. Follow the steps below to sign up with Bitcoin Revolution and begin trading.


It takes a few simple steps to create an account with Bitcoin Revolution. Visit their homepage and follow the self-explanatory registration process.

Submit your name the same way it appears on your government-issued identification card and provide a working phone number and email address. Please note that this is what Bitcoin Revolution and the underlying broker will use to contact you.

You will be matched with a broker regulated in your area during this step. Submit more details on the brokers page and verify identity. ID verification is part of KYC measures that have become mandatory for all financial institutions.


You need 250 USD only to get started with Bitcoin Revolution. This is a big plus since most robots in the same category require as much as $5000.

Moreover, Bitcoin Revolution charges a small commission on the alleged returns rather than a registration fee. This makes it highly competitive when compared to other robots in the same category.

Bitcoin Revolution allows users to fund their accounts through debit and credit cards. You can also make a wire transfer or use e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Deposits through debit and credit cards and e-wallets reflect in the trader’s account instantly.

Demo trading

Bitcoin Revolution trading resources are only accessible after deposit. As mentioned in the introduction, this robot offers comprehensive trading guides. These include a 12-page e-book and several video tutorials.

You must go through these materials before going live. Bitcoin Revolution offers an intuitive demo account to help users practise what they learn through the guides. The demo creates a real market experience through historical data.

Live trading

This should be a piece of cake if you practice enough on the demo. You need to have an in-depth understanding of risk management in robot trading to use Bitcoin Revolution successfully. The trading guides offered during demo trading helps you achieve this.

Before going live, you need to adjust the Stop-loss and Take-profit features in line with your risk appetite. The higher the risk you are willing to take, the more the potential benefits. However, we suggest that you start at a lower risk and risk more as you get used to the platform.

Like in any other venture, there is a likelihood of making losses when trading with Bitcoin Revolution. You should never invest more than you can afford.

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How to maximize Bitcoin Revolution potential

Bitcoin Revolution is auto, but still, there are several things you can do to maximize its potential. These include:

1. Invest what you can afford to lose – investing more than you can stomach to lose causes fear hence leading to terrible decision making. You are likely to interrupt Bitcoin Revolution trading when fearful.

2. Trade from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Eastern Time – This is when crypto markets are highly volatile due to derivatives trading in Wall Street.

3. Close trading sessions at the end of the day – Do not leave a session open overnight since this will result in rollover fees.

Is Bitcoin Revolution legit? Final word!

Bitcoin Revolution appears legit and maybe worth a try. Users allege that it is profitable and easy to use. You can try it below and let us know how you find it in the comment section.

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Is Bitcoin Revolution a good robot?

Bitcoin Revolution appears like a good bet for anyone looking to invest in bitcoin but doesn’t have the knowhow.

How much should I need to invest with Bitcoin Revolution?

A deposit of 250 USD is enough to get your feet wet with this robot. Starting with little capital allows you the peace of mind to study how the robot works and maximize its potential.

Is Bitcoin Revolution profitable?

The robot is allegedly highly profitable. Users with a deposit of 250 USD can supposedly earn up to $1k daily.