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Photo Stick Reviews Save All Your Precious Photos & Videos Using Smart Storage Device

December 29, 2020 GMT

Hammond, IN, United States, December 29 2020 (Wiredrelease) Thephotostick Inc. Have you ever wanted to clear up your messy computer storage and save all your photos somewhere else? Each photo signifies a significant memory that you wanted to capture. Needless to say, youd want to protect these memories, without stuffing your computer storage. Thankfully, there exists a Photo Stick for this very reason. A Photostick is different from a regular Flash Drive because Flash Drives are a lot of hassle. But, with a Photo stick, you can save all the crucial photos and videos hassle-free!

Thephotostick is essentially a backup device for audio-visual files. All you have to do is plug the device into your PC, and it automatically locates all the photos from your computer! It looks like any average flash drive, but in reality, its a smart storage device thats portable and safe. Theres no login or password required, no subscription free.


Are you looking for the price range for the best photo stick?

The best part about the Photostick is that its very affordable. Itll be within your budget and a much better investment than another flash drive for your photos. Even the best photo stick falls within the price range of 39.99 USD to 49.99 USD.

However, e-commerce websites and even offline retail stores offer a wide array of packages and discounts on such items. If you do your homework, you might end up saving quite a lot. However, please remember to do a background check on every unpopular e-commerce website, before you choose to buy from them. To avoid doing so, rely on the official manufacturers, retail stores or e-commerce websites that you can trust and that have a proper feedback/review system.

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Should you buy the Photostick?

Everybody keeps a collection of photographs, whether it be for the memories, for a photography hobby or just for work. If youve ever cluttered your computer storage with hundreds and hundreds of photos, scattered across the gazillion files on your computer, the Photo Stick is for you.

However, thephotostick is especially helpful for those who are not well-versed with electronics. Your parents or grandparents or even kids might appreciate a device as easy to use as Thephotostick. Similarly, it is also the perfect device for those who do not have a clue about the location of their photos. If you feel like you keep saving photos in random locations, and keep losing them in the abyss, this is the purchase for you.


Those who need to secure their photos and need safe storage should also consider buying the Photo Stick. It provides files from malicious viruses, electricity issues, data loss and more. Since it is so portable, it is easy to keep and carry. Perfect for a professional photographer, the best photo stick will provide ample storage space and convenient mobility. You can also use it on laptops, iPods and other tech gadgets alike. All you have to do is plug it into the device youre currently using.

Smart Storage- A key feature

The thing that separates The Photo Stick from the average Flash Drive or USB is that you dont have to manually locate the files and transfer them to the device.

Its extremely easy to use as well, simply because its smart storage. Plug ThePhotostick into your computer correctly, via a vacant USB port. Once the device is connected, it will get recognized in a short while by your gadget. As soon as the gadget, which in this case is your computer, recognizes the photo stick, a window will pop-up on your screen. All you have to do is double-click on the icon thats visible on the screen. Doing so will run the required software. Once you see a green Go button, press on it to run the scan for safety measures. Thats it! Thats the entire process, and itll take hardly five minutes to set up the device.

After this, let Smart Storage do all the dirty work, while you make a warm cup of oolong tea.

Ample Storage Space- A Key feature

Theres enough space on a tiny Photo Stick for all your photo and video files. Compatible with almost every gadget, the Photo Stick comes in handy when you need to transfer all your photos or videos to clean up your computers storage space.

Investing in the best photo stick with 64GB means being able to store more than thirty thousand photos alone. Of course, if you store RAW and video files, theyll take up more storage space than the usual photographs. But even then, theres sufficient space to transfer a lifetimes worth of memories. If you opt for the 128GB version, you get the double of this storage capacity!

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Main features that you must know about

Automatic storage (Smart Storage)Easy-to-use A wide array of storage options available Compatible with almost every gadget, whether it be Windows or Apple or something elseAttachable to a keychainSecure and safe storage portable

Why buy the photo stick?

A photo stick works on most types of computers by https://www.techtimes.com/articles/254620/20201207/photo-stick-reviews.htm , statements, from stylish Macs to durable Windows to postable laptops. It is designed to be able to make the transfer of photos and videos an easy task. The instructions to use the device are extremely simple and easy-to-follow. There shall be sufficient on-screen prompts to instruct you about the next step and how to get the device working. The software used by ThePhotostick is powerful and efficient. Its easily able to locate all the photos and videos stored in various nooks and crannies of your computers storage.

The best part is that theres sufficient storage for all the photos you may want to store, and more. The lowest range of storage available for a photo stick is 8GBs. The device is fast and starts work as soon as its plugged into the respective gadget.

Are there any cons to buying the photo stick?

There are different types of Photosticks for mobiles and PCs. If you get the wrong one, it wont work for your smartphone. Make sure you know your requirements and check the product youre buying.

Even if you do buy the wrong product, most e-commerce websites offer a refund or an exchange facility.

What do users have to say?

Customer reviews on Facebook and other e-commerce websites are filled with appreciation for the product. If youre having any concerns, feel free to go through the large number of Photo stick reviews posted online, and youll find that the people have posted wonderful Photo Stick reviews. On average, it has garnered a star-rating of 4 stars on most websites.

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Purchasing a photo stick is an affordable and sensible investment. Anybody can use it, no matter how technologically-unaware they might be. A photo stick is just a hassle-free way of keeping all your photos safe and in one place.

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