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How to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

November 26, 2020 GMT

New York, United States, Nov 23, 2020 (Via WiredRelease) – Spyic is a phone monitoring app aimed at tracking user activities on Android and iOS. It is a dedicated app that facilitates compliance usage to find others’ locations and keep an eye on them.

Part 1: Spyic Type in Phone Number and Find Location

Spyic comes up with reliable, undetectable tech and has millions of users around the globe. The cutting-edge technology enables users to find someone’s phone location by just its number. It provides data in real-time and with complete precision.

The service takes assistance from the GPS of the device, Google Maps, and the Wi-Fi hotspots. The client will know the addresses and geographical coordinates of the areas visited by the targeted individual. When the location tracking is activated on the phone, it usually drains the battery quickly.

However, it isn’t the case with Spyic, as the app uses a small amount of negligible battery.


Additionally, Spyic provides the top-tier functions without asking the client to alter the target device’s settings in any capacity. The product is legal and maintains the secrecy of user information and the data recorded from the control panel. The platform’s privacy policy states it does not share these details with third parties except the user.

Most importantly, Spyic also provides a FREE Live Demo for users to help them know well about how it works and looks like.

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location Using Phone Number

Spyic brings the easiest way to track a phone location by number. It offers installation solutions for Android and iOS. The tracking process includes creating a Spyic account, enabling the platform on the target device using the set-up wizard, then logging into the control panel to view monitored data.

If one wants access to the iPhone, there is a need to have an iCloud account on the target phone with an ID and password. Check the iOS solution here

As for Android, one has to install a tiny app manually. Once the app’s stealth mode is enabled, there is no need to re-access the device. Check the Android solution here

Part 3: Why Spyic is the Best Phone Number Tracker?

Spyic app comprises quality features as the phone number tracker. The app is user-friendly, lightweight, and intuitive to monitor effectively.

It allows the fastest setup and disguises within the target cell phone to ensure complete security and privacy. Here are additional exciting features of the Spyic app that helps finding a current location by phone number. It maintains a record of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Gallery. Moreover, it follows the GPS location and supports alerts and notifications.

Effective Call Tracer


Spyic incorporates exceptional functioning that carries a call recording system. Moreover, it provides a link for numbers from where the call is located on the target’s cell phone and the person they speak to and trace phone number.

Best Location Tracker

It offers the best location tracking services, responds actively to the targeted individual’s real-time location, and keeps aware of details. The GPS allows the places to track a phone number to the target cell phone.

Monitors Installed Application

It is the top-rated phone tracking software program that permits to keep a record of the complete schedule of the target phone.

Spyic app not only offers top-level features to monitor Android or iOS devices, but it also provides handy benefits to the user, making it among the best spy apps.

No Jailbreak or Rooting Needed

It is well-known that altering the smartphone’s fundamental settings through rooting or jailbreak could do more harm than good. It makes the device vulnerable and susceptible to threats such as cyber-attacks. It is why Spyic does not ask or requires the user to make any such changes to the target device to enable the more advanced features.

User-Friendly Design

Spyic’s entire platform, including its webpage and the online control panel, is highly intuitive. Each feature is easy to navigate. Moreover, the user does not need to possess any prior technical knowledge to manage the interface. Additionally, the installation process is simple and only takes a few minutes of the user’s time to finish.

Remote Access

As stated before, the entire interface of Spyic is web-based. Once the app or tracking is enabled on the target device, the user would never have to manually access the target device ever again. It ensures that phone monitoring remains undetected, mainly due to the stealth mode, which hides the tiny app in plain sight.

Check Spyic official website here


This article shows how it is possible to track a cell phone location by number and manage it. By reading the full content carefully, one can ensure that their loved one is secure and allows them to act at once if they sense something is wrong.

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