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Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps: Spy Phone Apps With GPS Location Tracking

December 18, 2020 GMT

Selbyville, Delaware, United States, December 16 2020 (Wiredrelease) mSpy Inc, Living in the new age of technology is both a boon and a bane. On one hand, the access to the internet has given us the appropriate means to get any information that we need, while on the other hand, the same internet access can lead kids to harmful websites or share their personal information with strangers. This for safety purposes it becomes essential that the phones and systems of kids and especially teenagers are monitored for any sort or similar activities.

Imagine if your phone goes missing or someone steals it from you? How are you going to react in such a situation? Are you going to worry and cry or are you going to find the logical solution that can help you get it back in a short span on time? Anyone wanting a logical solution would opt for the second option. With an effective Cell phone tracker app, you can search for your missing phone by using the GPS that is included in the phone. Through this GPS, you can easily catch hold of all these issues like missing phone, robbery or theft of your phone.


Apart from that, these apps are extremely useful in helping the companies to monitor the activity of their employees on the office systems. Since the office computer systems have so much important data on it, companies are compelled to use these applications in those computer systems. Also, choosing the most reliable and expert app is necessary. Not only does it make your task easier, but it also ensures that everything is carried out authentically. Amongst the wide plethora of tracking apps, some simply have a GPS location tracking system. Whereas, the others can track phone calls, call logs, text messages and much more.

It is indeed true that you can track by phone using a tracker application without the person knowing about it. However, it is unethical to do so unless you are doing it for tracking your childs device who is under 18 years of age. For companies and employers who use similar tracking devices to monitor activity at the workplace, permissions from their employee or cooperating partner are essential.

The best phone tracking applications of 2021

Choosing the best tracker application can be a massive headache for those who arent technologically sound. Some applications need permissions to track other devices and others that are completely invisible in the other device. Among the several that are available, the best phone tracking applications for 2020 are:



As concerned parents who are looking out for their children, the tracking application used to check on their devices should be nothing but safe. mSpy is one of the best out there. The application will be completely invisible in your childs phone and you can easily track their texts or social media activity to ensure that they stay safe. What makes it so popular is the fact that it is very easy to use. So even parents who arent much familiar with technology can also keep a check on their children without much effort. It is one of the best spy apps for iPhone and Android phones. The application hardly takes 10 mins to set up and keeps updating every 5 minutes so you get real-time updates regarding the text activity on various applications like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat.

Some of the most prominent features of the mSpy spy phone tracking application are:

Real-time updates: The application updates every 5 minutes, so all the data that you receive in real-time. The application can get your transcripts of chat la not only from the text messages but also from other social media applications like Facebook Snapchat, Whatsapp etc.

Location tracking: mSpy allows parents to get the real-time GPS location of their Kids phones so that parents can surely know where their child is. It also allows you to check the location history of your childs device.

Call log monitoring: mSpy allows you to view all the call log history of both incoming and outgoing calls. It also lets you see the duration of calls, the contact information of the caller and the time at which the call was made.

Access to the text message: mSpy allows you to track all the incoming and outgoing text messages. Even if they have been deleted from your childs message box, you can still access them from mSpy.

Check over media files: mSpy not only allows you to go over all the activities in your childs phone, but it also allows you to see all the media files, like photos, videos, stickers and any other media file that was shared with others.

Spy on social media: social media and the internet is one of the most sensitive points for strangers to brainwash your child. It is essential to be able to track the social

media activities of kids. mSpy allows you to conveniently do that for all the big social media platforms.

Internet history: mSpy allows you to check your childs internet history even when it was cleared from the device. It also allows you the history even when the browsing was done in incognito mode.

The setup for mSpy is really simple and doesnt require much hassle. The whole process can be completed in less than 10 mins without any trace of the application on your childs device.

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Kids guard Pro

The internet is a scary place for teenagers and children who are especially more susceptible to fall prey to cyberbullying and similar harmful activities. As parents looking out for their kids, Kids Guard Pro is the ultimate tracking application that covers all your goals. It only allows you to track all the online and offline activities of your child, it also filters out online content so that your child never has access to those webpages. It also looks out for online predators that may bully or brainwash your child. Kids Guard app gives you instant access to all the social media activities and browser history of your childs phone and allows you to monitor their real-time location. This ensures that your child stays safe from crimes like cyberbullying and harassment etc.

The application works with both 3G and 4G connections and notifies you as soon as your child steps into a prohibited area. Some of the significant features of the app are:

Data export: parents can easily export data such as chats, call logs, browsing history etc, without any information to the child. Even if the messages or call history was deleted or the browsing was done in incognito mode Kids Guard Pro can easily track all those records and let you export them to your device.

Monitoring and recording call: Kids guard Pro allows you to monitor the call logs and calls in your childs phone. It also allows you to record the calls from suspicious numbers so that you can stay informed and protect your child.

Access to remote screenshot and photos: Kids guard pro also allows you to take screenshots in your childs phone without their knowledge.

Compatibility: the application is compatible with both ios and android devices so you can operate it on any device and track and phone.
KidsGuard Pro allows you to accurately track your childs phone without any trace at affordable subscription rates.

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When it comes to their childs well being, every parent wants to be informed about their whereabouts. Spyic is your go-to mobile application when you need to track Android or ios phone devices. Similar to the applications mentioned above, Spyic also enables you to track your childs phone without any permissions or trace. The app silently works in the background and keeps you updated with your childs whereabouts. The application comes in various subscription plans that you can choose from based on your needs. Spyic is primarily a GPS tracking application, so can be used to track lost devices or keep an eye on your kids location.

While it doesnt have many features like social media monitoring or messages tracking options, it is one of the best cell phone applications for location tracking. The manufacturers of the application also provide excellent customer support, so you can easily get all the information or report any bugs in the application. The company also offers a 60 days money-back guarantee if the application doesnt suit your purpose. The manufacturer or the application are well known for the easy refunds, so you dont have to think twice before installing this application.

With over a million loyal users worldwide, money-back guarantees and easy refunds, you can definitely trust Spyic for solving your tracking purposes.

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Features available in cellphone tracking applications.

You can google the best phone tracking applications for 2020 and get the list, but to be able to choose the one thats best for you, you must have some basic knowledge of what things to look for in tracking applications. An application may offer the most detailed features, but if your purpose is just tracking the location of your mobile devices, your purpose can be easily solved with a simple application with GPS tracking. The other features will be a complete waste. Similarly, if you are an employer who is looking for a device tracking application to monitor the activity of your employees on the office systems, a basic tracking application wont work. Youll need an application that allows you access to bother the browsing history and access to the other applications on the system as well. A simple GPS tracking application would be useless in this case.

Keeping these scenarios in mind, some of the most crucial factors that you must consider before buying a tracking application are:

Know your purpose: As stated above, different applications have different functions. If you need to monitor laptops or computers, an application that only works on ios and androids wont work. It is essential that you are clear about your needs before buying any application.

GPS Tracking: One of the most basic features of a tracking application is GPS tracking. They help you know all the whereabouts of your children and loved ones. The best cell phone tracking applications give you real-time updates about locations and also alert you as soon as your loved one is in a dangerous or prohibited area. The application records precise coordinates and also keeps track of the location history or the phone that is being tracked down.
Phone call recordings: it is comparatively more difficult to dish out who your child is talking to or what are they talking about on calls. Applications like kids guard pro allow you to track all the call history and even record the calls so that you are well informed. Some of the applications even let you filter out the suspicious numbers and only record the conversations with those numbers. In most applications, this feature works on both Android and ios phones so you dont have to worry about the applications compatibility with the device.

Call log history: most teenagers are secretive about who they talk to and generally erase the call records once they are done. The best tracking applications like mSpy and Kids guard Pro give you access to all the incoming and outgoing call logs. This also includes the calls whose history has been cleared from the phone. The data provided by well-known applications are completely secure and you can use it to keep your children safe from any sort of bullying or harmful activity.

Social media: While social media has grown to be a part and parcel of all lives to stay connected with our buddies and relatives. Teenagers also use the same to keep in touch with their school friends. As amazing as social media is at keeping people connected there is also the chance of your kids getting connected with strangers of the wrong sort. Children, especially teenagers looking out for making friends online are more susceptible to these instances of cyberbullying or harassment. To avoid situations like these, applications allow features to monitor your kids social media activity without leaving any trace on their phone. You can easily keep a track and look out for any red flags before they become actual trouble.

Tracking text messages: Although not an as popular mode of communication as they used to be they can still be used by strangers to get in touch with through text messages at random numbers. Text messages can also be deleted by the children who prefer to be secretive about who they talk to. To ensure that their children arent being brainwashed by strangers, parents can use tracking applications like mSpy and Kids Guard Pro to track the text messages as well. These applications even let you see the deleted texts so you dont miss out on anything. You can even add text filters with certain keywords that are the common red flags. Phone tracking applications will filter out these texts for you, notify you immediately and not let them through your childs phone.

Browsing history: Another common means of online predators to get to children is through internet ads. They use interesting click baits and direct the children to harmful websites or adult chat rooms. Tracking apps also come in handy to prevent such instances. They track your childs browsing history even when in incognito mode and immediately notify you about any suspicious activity. Similar to text filters, the premium applications also allow you to block certain sites or web pages that can be misleading for your child.

Control panel: it is the part of the application that is visible in your phone and is used to monitor the connected device. An application with a well-defined control panel with different panels for each section like different social media apps, browsing history, call logs etc. This enables easy navigation through different records and lets you monitor your childs device effortlessly. An easy to use control panel is especially a must-have for those parents who are not much familiar with gadgets but still want to use the technology to keep their children safe and sound.

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Essential things to consider before choosing the best application for your use

Ease of use: This is the most essential factor to consider when buying a tracking application. While a few of the applications may appear to be a tad bit on the technical side, however, most of the ios and Android spy cell phone applications are pretty easy to use. It is still better to check out the applications layout and functioning before buying the subscription.

Compatibility with mobile devices: Most of the popular applications are compatible with all the Android and ios phones. These apps can easily track any android or iPhone, irrespective of the type of device that you are using it on. Some of the better versions also allow you to monitor the activity from laptops, personal computers as well as tablets so that out can keep an eye out from multiple devices.

Required features: As stated above, you must be thorough with the purpose for which you will be using the phone tracking application. This helps you to easily select the application that suits your requirements in the best possible way. If you only need the basic tracking features, it would be futile to spend on an application that offers all the advanced features. Thus, cross-check the features that you want and the features that are available to ensure that you are buying what you need.

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