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Best Smartwatch - Top Trending Smartwatch

September 9, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 09 Sep 2020

Looking for the best smartwatch to buy should be easy, given the wide range of smartwatches in the market. Our Recommened Best Smartwatch - Buy Now

However, deciding which model to buy can be confusing since most of them are packed with similar features. If youre not familiar with these features, then you will find it difficult to make a decision.

Aside from the features, you also need to consider the cost. The cost of these watches varies greatly, from $200 to as much as $500.


For those who are on a limited budget, you may want to consider buying the XWatch smartwatch. If youve been researching about smartwatches lately, then you must have come across this watch somewhere. It has gone viral and a lot of people truly love it.

But given its very affordable price, you might be wondering if its truly worth the hype. So, in this XWatch smartwatch review, well take a closer look into the features, as well as the pros and cons of this smartwatch model to help you make the best buying decision.

What is XWatch?

XWatch is one of the best-looking smartwatches out there. Its design is something that will remain popular in the market for many years to come.

The XWatch is a great smartwatch to buy. It has functions and features that you wont normally find in an ordinary watch, which is why its considered a smartwatch. Aside from its great looks, this watch is also very functional. Its compatible with your Android or iOS smartphone.

Once you can connect it to your device through Bluetooth, youll be able to receive and answer calls directly from this watch. It also allows you to listen and save music, take photos and videos, monitor your physical activities, and even regulate your blood pressure!

Given its many features, the XWatch is certainly the best smartwatch out there. Its very functional and you can use it anywhere you go. Just connect it to your device using Bluetooth and youre free to do a lot of things that you cant do with just a typical watch.

One of the most popular functions of the XWatch is its ability to take photos. This device is equipped with a camera that comes with various features, including a night mode setting. Another great feature of this watch is that you can use it to control the camera of your Android smartphone.


Whats more, it has a built-in blood pressure monitor, which comes in handy for those who have hypertension and need to monitor their BP.

The X-Watch smartwatch has a built-in audio player that will let you listen to your favorite music directly from the watch. It comes with a built-in speaker, which you can connect to earphones via Bluetooth for a more enjoyable listening experience.


To give you an idea of what features to expect from the XWatch, check out the list below:

  • Comes with an HD Touch Screen

The HD Touchscreen allows you to use the device while you exercise. Its display allows you to keep track of your progress and adjust your goals as needed. This new smartwatch works well when paired with your iPhone or Android phone so you can answer calls and texts in it, and browse social media posts!

The HD touchscreen also allows you to customize the watch, depending on your lifestyle needs. You can display your fitness goals in it so you can remain organized. It also lets you monitor your progress, allowing you to remain focused on achieving these goals.

  • Features Scratch-Resistant Glass

As mentioned, the XWatch is equipped with a touchscreen display that allows you to easily customize the watch.

Aside from the touchscreen display, it also has an adjustable dial on the side. The display is made from a scratch-resistant glass material thats guaranteed to be top-notch.

Furthermore, the glass at the front and back of the watch is also resistant to damages and scratches, so you can easily view your progress.

  • Has a Durable Watchband

Another reason why the XWatch smartwatch is considered the best smartwatch in the market is because of its durable watchband thats made from silicone.

Aside from being durable, its also comfortable to wear on the wrist, since it flexes with every move you make.

The watchband has permanent holes allowing the user to easily adjust the band size, depending on the size of your wrist.

  • Tracks Your Fitness Goals

The XWatch is very lightweight and can be worn in any type of activity that you want to do, from training to keeping track of your activities. You can tap the display to choose the music that you want to listen to, depending on the type of activity that youre doing.

This comes in handy when youre working out since you no longer have to reach for your phone when you need to change your music. The XWatch functions like a fitness watch that will allow you to keep track of your steps and physical activities to achieve your fitness goals.

The XWatch is also built with an ECG monitor so youll be able to monitor your heart rate when performing different types of exercises. You can also use your watch to keep track of your medical conditions so you can be fully informed about your health condition.

  • Comes with a Long Battery Life

Compared to other smartwatches, the XWatch has a much longer battery life, another reason why its the best smartwatch to buy.

This watch will remain functional for days after a single charge. Its battery life could go on for up to five days without the need to charge for as long as you use it sparingly. For frequent users, the battery will remain functional for a maximum of three days.

But if you cant charge your watch in time, theres no need to worry since its equipped with a quick charge feature, which speeds up the charging time of the watch. With this feature, your watch will be fully charged within only an hour!

  • Tracks Your Sleep Cycles

Another great feature of the smartwatch is the sleep-tracking feature, which allows you to monitor your sleep.

It provides real-time data of your sleeping hours so youll know if you have any sleep problems. You can refer to this information to find out if you need to adjust your sleep patterns to achieve a better quality of sleep.

Who Should Get This Watch?

The XWatch is the best smartwatch to buy for anyone who wishes to own a nice smartwatch from Apple or Samsung but find these watches very expensive.

Even though the XWatch is cheaper compared to the smartwatches made by these popular brands, it allows you to enjoy similar great features. As mentioned above, the watch comes with tons of cool features, but it wont blow your budget.

In addition, if you have never owned any smartwatch before, but you want to experience how it is to wear a smartwatch without spending a lot of money, then the XWatch is what you should get.

The XWatch is an all-around watch that comes with lots of functionalities, allowing you to conveniently accomplish your daily tasks. It can double as a fitness watch and lets you monitor your blood pressure, and more! Thus, its a great watch to buy for individuals who are living a busy lifestyle.

Where to Buy?

If you are certain that the XWatch is the best smartwatch for you to buy, then go ahead, and start shopping online.

Make sure you buy the product from the official website of the manufacturer to ensure that youre buying an authentic product.

Buying from the website can also guarantee that youll receive a product that will live up to your expectations, while also taking advantage of some offers and promotions.

Currently, the cost of XWatch is $198 and this is way cheaper compared to the branded smartwatches out there that come with exactly the same features.

How to Use?

Heres how to use the watch:

First of all, you need to download the app on your smartphone and make sure your watch is switched on.

Next, choose the language of your choice.

Pair the smartwatch to your mobile device until you reach the selection screen. Choose the device from the list of Bluetooth devices.

After choosing the device, confirm the pairing of the two devices.

Depending on what you would prefer, you can choose to enable the notification access on your smartphone at this point.

Final Thoughts

It feels great to wear a lightweight watch that will look great on your wrist, which is why the XWatch is truly worth a try.

Since it functions like a mobile phone, you dont have to keep on tinkering your mobile device whenever you need to make a call or do other important tasks. It allows you to monitor your sleeping habits, exercises, and even your blood pressure!

With its great features and affordable price, theres no doubt that the XWatch is truly the best smartwatch to buy!