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September 11, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 11 Sep 2020

If you love cool tech gadgets, this list is for you. The world is loaded with a lot of technological devices that serve various purposes. Check List of Latest Trending Gadgets

Although the ultimate goals of these gadgets are to make our lives easier, entertain us, help to get tasks done, and even develop better gadgets.

Even if youre using the best gadgets right now, you must keep in mind that advancements are made every day.

So, if you dont want to get outdated, you must keep yourself up to date with the latest gadgets available for purchase.


Cool Tech Gadgets in 2020

Without taking your time, weve provided a list of cool tech gadgets that are attention-worthy, and definitely worth their purchase price.

These gadgets are:

What is Keyless Pro? Keyless Pro is simply a virtual laser keyboard that can be connected to your mobile device iPhone, iPad, Tab, and whatever for the purpose of convenient typing.

The idea behind this gadget is to provide users with a wider keyboard interface thats versatile enough to be used in many situations which ordinarily would be inconvenient.

The Keyless Pro can be easily used by anyone as it doesnt have a complicated usage process. Its a significant advancement in laser technology, and its highly efficient and reliable. The Keyless Pro is made to work seamlessly with different operating systems.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation that doesnt allow you to operate your smartphone via touchscreen, you can always rely on the Keyless Pros interface as an alternative. Taking all its features into consideration, this gadget is a solution for portability problems. Its small, compact, and easily concealed.

In addition to all the features mentioned so far, the Keyless Pro serves as a portable charging unit. It has a USB interface that can be plugged into to charge your smartphone.

The device works by projecting a keyboard-designed laser onto a flat surface. This device is one of the cool tech gadgets you should consider putting on your wish list.

  • DroneX Pro

The DroneX Pro is a futuristic drone that has several attractive and reliable functions. The 3-speed quad-copter device is equipped with a High Definition camera that delivers up to 720p of quality images and video.


The camera provides the pilot with a 120⁰ coverage width. The DroneX Pro is one of the cool tech gadgets that you can invest your money in.

Apart from its good camera, it also has a light weight and compact design. The drones arms can be folded in for additional portability. The DroneX Pro is able to identify and evade obstacles with its Gravity Sensor.

If youre still using the earlier DroneX model, you need to swap it for this newer and better-improved DroneX Pro. The new DroneX Pro is equipped with a non-complex remote controller.

In addition to a pair of joysticks for navigating the flying drone, the controller allows you to connect your smartphone for a better experience. The drones camera is wirelessly linked to the phone, and you get a live video feed displayed on the phones screen.

The DroneX Pro is sold at just $99, which is a very affordable price when compared to the several amazing features and functionality that it offers. Navigating the drone with the remote controller is a walk in the park anyone can figure it out.

In addition to all these features, the DroneX Pro has enough battery-power to hover around for about 12 minutes before being landed. It also flies at speeds of up to 19 m/s. Clearly, this is a gadget that youd want to purchase.

  • SonicX Pro

Dental health isnt to be handled lightly. Amongst several other electric toothbrushes, the SonicX Pro is a gadget worthy of praise.

It’s an effective product that cleans your teeth and keeps them in perfect health. The toothbrush is able to keep your teeth clean through tens of thousands of brush movements within a minute. The toothbrush is also light-weight and has flexible applicability.

It features an IPX7-grade waterproof system and up to 4 customizable modes. Based on individual profile, you may operate the toothbrush in Sensitive, Massage, Clean, or Whitening mode. The toothbrush is easily powered on via a button.

If youve been using a manual toothbrush to clean your teeth, you should consider swapping it with one of the SonicX Pros. These electric toothbrushes are made primarily to combat and also prevent dental-related health issues.

There are a lot of threats to your dental health, and you must be ready to effectively deal with those threats. The SonicX Pro is tested and well-trusted a lot of pleased customers have given positive feedbacks about its reliable functionality and effectiveness.

The SonicX Pro is one of the new cool tech gadgets that are making waves in the technological world. It performs so much better than its rival products. In summary, keeping your teeth clean and healthy is an easy process when youre equipped with the SonicX Pro.

  • ActivBeat 2.0

If youre looking for headsets that can block out all noise, the ActivBeat 2.0 is for you. It effectively cancels noise and is designed with a modern look.

Apart from the attractive design and noise cancellation, this headset is able to provide users with quality audio. You can seamlessly listen to music via this device without encountering glitches and errors.

The headset features Active Noise Cancelling Technology, 4.2 Bluetooth strength, and etcetera all of which make it a reliable listening device. There are no complications involved with using the headsets anyone can quickly grab how to utilize its features. Even with all its amazing features, this unit is still sold at an affordable price.

There are speakers, 57mm each, integrated with the headsets design. This ensures that whatever audio content youre listening to is delivered in the purest and most desirable quality. This ActivBeat 2.0 regulates sound in a smart way that produces soothing audio outputs.

There are many other features that make this gadget worthy of your money. You can be guaranteed that you wont be wasting your cash on headsets that dont deliver.

  • EcoHeat S

Heaters are essential gadgets in the house, and the EcoHeat S is a trust-worthy space heater that warms up the home nicely. The EcoHeat S is able to effectively heat over a wide range. The effect is easily felt over 79 square meters.

The EcoHeat S is a compact unit that, regardless of its size, can effectively deliver a significant amount of heat to keep you warm in low-temperature weather. The device is quickly powered on via a simple button.

The device is able to provide a large amount of heat within a short timeframe as a result of the integrated PTC ceramic heating element. Other attractive features include digital screen display, smart LED thermostat regulator, on/off timer etc. The EcoHeat S compact size allows it to be lifted and carried about easily.

You can set it up in a small room without taking up much space. The unit is energy-efficient and reduces any additional energy-related costs. This gadget has been designed to work effectively in different enclosed spaces.

There are times when the low-temperature weather requires you to supplement your homes central heating system with a smaller heating unit.

The EcoHeat S is a great supplement to your pre-installed central heater. Once the device has been powered on, you get to select from a range of customizable modes. Your selection will be based on your immediate needs.

Lastly, we have the T-Watch. What is T-Watch? The T-Watch is a tactical watch that offers users with a lot of remarkable and dependable features.

The watch has smart features that allow you to keep track of your vitals and make a strong connection with other devices. The T-Watchs battery can last for up to 2 years and 9 months. This way, you wont have to worry about replacing the battery all the time.

There are several situations or exercises where the T-Watch is relevant. It can be worn when camping, backpacking, taking a long run etc. The features integrated with this watch make it very versatile.

Tactical watches perform excellently in several areas that a non-tactical watch would ordinarily fail. These watches are worn around the wrist, and their additional features can be easily accessed when the need arises. Tactical watches have features like a barometer, compass, altimeter, flashlight, and lots more.

Tactical watches are worn by military personnel all over the world. They are made to improve combat efficiency and provide a soldier with features that make him more effective and flexible in carrying out his duty.

Regardless of whether or not youre a soldier, you can still wear a tactical watch and enjoy its top-notch designs and functionality. These T-Watches are designed to withstand heavy-duty use and last long.

T-Watches are definitely cool tech gadgets that can be enjoyed by everyone. If cool watches are your thing, you shouldnt miss out on these ones.