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Drone X Pro Reviews - Drone X Pro Our Top Pick

September 9, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 09 Sep 2020

Drones are so commonplace nowadays that if youre a content creator and you dont have one, then your setup isnt considered complete. Buy Dronx Pro With 50% discount .

A quadcopter is always at the forefront of drone technology and production. Their models are typically versatile enough for use in recreational and industrial applications. They can be used to take adventure shots, landscape surveys, and industrial filming alike.

Not only that, but drones nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. Theres a drone for every budget and situation whether its for work or recreational purposes. But, in this review, were going to check out the Drone X Pro.


Most Drone X Pro reviews focus mainly on the technical aspects of this drone. As much as well be doing a fair amount of that with this piece, well also highlight some of its other lesser-known attributes. For one, it has an incredibly stylish design that makes it look sleek and sophisticated.

Not only that, but it comes with cutting-edge features thatll put many other models to shame. Photographers and adventurers will particularly enjoy these features. The best part is that its not that difficult to use or set up. Read on to find out more about the Drone X Pro.

What is DroneX Pro?

Simply put, the DroneX Pro is a quadcopter that operates on three speeds. Its features include a 120-degree viewing range, a 720p HD camera, and a lightweight structure as well as a design that you can easily fold up when not in use for easy storage.

Just take a look at any of the Drone X Pro reviews and youll see that its quite popular with tech enthusiasts and budding photographers and filmmakers alike.

This might have something to do with the fact that its a portable piece of machinery. It actually performs as advertised.

But, the Drone X Pro is actually a second-generation or an upgrade of a previous version known as the Drone X. Its definitely better than the older version in terms of easy operation and performance. It comes with a joystick-enabled remote control thats the primary mechanism to use when moving the drone in different directions.

Its compatible with the Android operating system. You can view the footage being captured in the air in real-time through your smartphone.


Technical Features

The following is a list of features offered by the Drone X Pro:

720p Camera

The Drone X Pro comes with a built-in camera with 2 megapixels in shooting power. This camera is suitable for taking still images and videos at a resolution of 720p HD and at a wide angle.

Panoramic mode can increase this angle allowing you to take up to 3,600 images with one click. Now, thats impressive!

10-Minute Flight Time

Compared to drones of the same size and make, this model can fly pretty high and stay in the air for quite a long period of time.

In fact, it has a 10-minute run time in between recharging sessions and it only takes 70 minutes on average to fully recharge it to full power capacity. You can also buy and keep spare batteries on hand if you want to extend flight time and get more shots in.

80m Range

The remote control function of this drone enables you to maintain a connection with it for relatively long distances.

This is especially so if you use it with your smartphone because youll know when its starting to stray too far by seeing a few glitches in the imagery being captured.

The Drone X Pro also has the ability to reach a radius of 80m when flying and all while staying in the range of your remote control mechanisms. On the other hand, the FPV feed can only be maintained for a radius of about 50.


This is one stable and balanced drone and its all thanks to its built-in stabilization algorithms that are at the forefront of drone technology innovation.

This means that this drone has the ability to stabilize itself and correct course when it comes across turbulent weather conditions. It comes with a lot of great features that add to its overall strength and stability.


As we mentioned, this drone comes with collapsible propellers that make it one heck of a durable model.

The Drone X Pro also features a durable and sturdy external covering that makes it resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.


This drone is lightweight as its visually appealing. You can easily fold it up, put it into your backpack and forget that its even there because of how lightweight it is.

Its very comfortable and easy to travel with because once folded, its about the size of your palm and you can even chuck it into your pocket if you like.

This makes it ideal for outdoor photography such as mountain climbing, hiking, and backpacking.


The collapsible joint featured on this drone means that you can fold it into an even smaller piece. It even comes with flexible propeller blades which add to the drones overall lightweight portability.

Smartphone or Remote Control

When it comes to controlling and operating the Drone X Pro, you can do so straight from the remote control or use your smartphone which is a great option for when its out of sight.

This also enables you to see the images being captured in real time and youll always know where your drone is, thus reducing the risk of losing it because its always visible to you in one way or another.

Why is Drone X Pro Our Top Pick?

Another thing that sets the Drone X Pro apart from its competitors is that it actually performs as promised. It really does reach 19m/s as its flying speed which means it zips through at a comfy 42.5 miles per hour in laymans terms.

This is really fast for a drone and its well beyond the general or standard drone speed that most people are used to.

Then you have the high-quality 12 MP camera which offers superb quality images, and the 360-degree loop function is pretty sweet as well.

Some of the features that are truly worth noting include:

A sleek and sophisticated quadcopter
Accessible and easy to use remote control
High-quality images
A 360-degree loop function
An impressive viewing range of up to 120 degrees

Why Buy It?

First of all, compared to other drones of a similar size and make, this drone is pretty affordable and yet it offers some of the best features weve seen yet.

In addition to its great value for money, this drone is easy to use and it has a decent battery life of 12 minutes. It also has a long traveling range of up to 19 meters per second.

Not only that but is a really compact and portable drone that weighs only 85g. It also comes with auto lift-off and landing features that make it easy to go from different angles and all of this is accessible through the auto-power button.

With this drone, you can easily go in any direction you like, while keeping an eye on your drone from wherever its stationed. This is all thanks to its 360-degree loops feature.

And because it can capture 120 frames per second, you can easily capture slow and fast-motion videos as you like. This is one of the most popular features of this drone mentioned on Drone X Pro reviews.

Is It Worth the Money?

Although small, the Drone X Pro is one sturdy machine and it can definitely handle the elements.

Its well-designed with the end user in mind as can be seen in the durable design and high-quality workmanship exhibited. All of this is available for a relatively affordable price considering what youre getting in return.

These and other features are the reason why the Drone X Pro is one of the most high-rated drones on the market, and it offers great value for money.

If you want access to the latest drone technology in a lightweight design with easy to use functions, look no further than the Drone X Pro.

Final Thoughts

The Drone X Pro is one of the best drones for beginners. Its easy to use and offers some of the best quality image capturing features on the market. In fact, it has a great quality camera thats on par with some of the best mid-range smartphones on the market.

It also features a visually-appealing modern design thats built to provide ease of use and effortless stability.

Another feature that sets the Drone X Pro apart is the fact that it offers a long-distance transmission range of 50m. This is well above the standard 30m offered by other drones. Plus, you can easily operate it using your smartphone.

Once folded, it can fit into your pocket and if you decide to keep it in your backpack, it wont take up much space in there either. The icing on the cake is the ability to control a drone with a 50m range with your smartphone.

It doesnt get better than this and we hope our account has truly done it justice compared to other Drone X Pro reviews out there.