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September 10, 2020 GMT

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Kratom usage has become more popular with time. Used in South East Asia for centuries for therapeutic, religious and other purposes, it has gained popularity around the world. Our Recommended Kratom Vendor - Buy Now

The Golden Monk is a premier vendor of different Kratom strains. They provide a wide variety of superior grade Kratom which meets the highest manufacturing and distribution standards. They are affiliated to the American Kratom Association ensuring that the consumer gets the best and safest Kratom.


How to Get Kratom Near Me

Purchasing and using Kratom can be a difficult depending on where you live in the world. Kratom is illegal in some States in the US as well as a number of European countries. Because of this, you need to know where to get Kratom if its not available in your area.

There are a growing number of places where you can get Kratom. These include online stores, smoke shops, herbal shops and even gas stations. How and where you get it depends on where you live and if Kratom is legal there.

Is Kratom Legal in My Area?

Kratom has been banned in a number of countries worldwide. In the US, however, it is banned in the following States:

  • Vermont
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Florida

Being found in possession of or using Kratom in these States carries various penalties. Many Kratom users have resorted to moving to States that allow its use or have to cross State lines to obtain it.

Can I Buy Kratom Near Me?

The big question is, are you able to buy Kratom in your area?. It all really depends on where you live and the laws that have been effected or not effected regarding the use of Kratom. Kratom is good at what it does and that is the main reason it so popular.

In fact, this popularity is growing on a daily basis worldwide. The many online testimonials from Kratom users have largely spurred this growth. Go on YouTube or do a simple Google search on Kratom testimonials and youll see a whole load of them.

Getting Kratom on the other hand is another story. There are a host of factors involved. Lets look at some of these.


Low Quality Kratom on the Market

Just about everyone wants to follow a trend and its no different in the Kratom industry. Kratom has become so popular that a lot of other dealers and producers have cropped up. Unfortunately though, some of these are putting out low quality and downright dangerous Kratom onto the market.

This is another reason that Kratom has been banned or classified in some places. There have been cases where batches of Kratom were found with salmonella. Others have been found with extremely high levels of mercury and heavy metals.

This is caused by the use of pesticides in the production of Kratom. Regulated growers of Kratom do not use pesticides on their Kratom. They use ancient, non toxic techniques to get rid of pests.

One of the purposes served by the American Kratom Association (AKA) is to make sure that producers abide by strict guidelines in the production of Kratom. They also make sure that the Kratom produced is also of the highest quality. The Kratom is tested when it arrives in the US for quality.

Third party labs are also allowed to test the Kratom to make sure that only the highest standards are maintained. Thats a major reason why you need to deal with vendors that are affiliated to The American Kratom Association.

The Golden Monk is one such place. They are affiliated to the AKA and offer only the highest quality Kratom on the market. You get free shipping on purchases over $50. You also get $1 worth of loyalty points for every $10 that you spend with them.

There are many other websites and physical stores that offer Kratom but your yard stick should always be to check whether or not they are affiliated to the American Kratom Association. In this way, you make sure to get the best quality and safest Kratom.

How to Find Kratom Stores in My Local Area

If you live in an area where Kratom is allowed, you can find Kratom retailers close to you. The best place to get quality Kratom will be a local herbal store or dedicated Kratom retailer. Finding them in your area usually involves a simple Google search.

If you type in Kratom retailers in (your area) or Kratom retailers near me. You will find a number or Kratom retailers who are in your vicinity. You will even find a few on your local maps listings if they have claimed them on Google my business.

You can then visit a few of these physical outlets to get a better feel for the quality of the Kratom that they offer. When you visit these shops, here are a few tips to help you inspect the quality of the Kratom on offer.

When you buy Kratom, its a good idea to avoid Kratom in fancy or shiny packaging. This packaging makes it difficult to visually inspect the quality of the Kratom that you are buying. You also need to know when that particular batch of Kratom was produced.

However, when you buy from a physical shop and the Kratom there has not gone through the quality control process of the AKA, you will need to visually inspect it. In this case, you need to be able to visually inspect it.

The packaging needs to be clear so that you can see the contents. The packaging also needs to have a manufacturing date on it. To get the best out of Kratom, it needs to be 1 to 3 months old. This is the freshest Kratom that you can get.

How the Kratom is stored in the shop is also a big factor. Kratom needs the right conditions for it to store properly. This means that you need to keep it away from air, light and moisture. These 3 will affect your Kratom and spoil it.

You need to pay particular attention to how the Kratom is stored in the shop. Is it stored close to the window in direct sunlight? This will affect the quality of the Kratom. Moisture will also cause considerable damage and affect the overall quality of your Kratom.

The best way to stock Kratom is in an airtight zip bag or vacuum sealed.

Thats why it is good to go with established vendors such as The Golden Monk. TGM will always make sure that the Kratom they stock adheres to the highest standards meaning that you get the best grade of Kratom available.

Some Kratom that is sold in physical locations is not the best quality or expired. This is more evident in situations where the vendors are not affiliated to the AKA or the products they are selling are not held to any quality standards.

When it comes to buying Kratom, you need to be diligent in your research. This is particularly important when you are buying Kratom for the first time. When you get the right Kratom, it can be a really great experience.

If, on the other hand you buy the wrong type of quality, you can have a really bad experience. It is therefore imperative that your first experience with Kratom gives you the right benefits and the right impression about it.

Buying From Smoke Shops and Head Shops

A lot of the Kratom being sold worldwide and especially in the US is being distributed through smoke shops and head shops. These places mainly sell smoking accessories and may not be committed to selling Kratom products.

They probably sell Kratom as an afterthought. This is more and more the case with the popularity that Kratom has gained over the years. What it means is that the quality is hit or miss depending on the shop owners standards.

You could get really lucky and find good quality Kratom or unlucky and find really bad quality Kratom. You are not protected in any way because the vendors are not bound to any standards. They buy their Kratom from anywhere and profit is usually the motivating factor.

Their motives may not be as sinister and it may simply be due to ignorance. They may just have heard of Kratoms benefits and not done the due diligence and gotten the best products available. At the end of the day, Its your wellbeing on the line. You need to do the necessary research and go for the best quality Kratom.

Buying Kratom from Herbal Shops

Another great place where you can get Kratom near you is at herbal shops. There a growing number of herbalists who stock Kratom. The good thing about dealing with a herbalist is that this is their full time pursuit.

They will more likely want to make sure that they gain as much knowledge as possible about Kratom. By this virtue, they are able to advise you better. They will more likely take pride in their products than most because this is their life business as it were.

Buying Kratom from the Local Gas Station

In States where Kratom is legal, you can get Kratom in a number of locations including your local gas station. When you buy from such a location, you need to do your best to make sure that the Kratom you are buying is the best.

Look for the AKA and GMP seals on your pack of Kratom. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. The AKA adheres to the good manufacturing practices in the manufacture and distribution of Kratom products.

Can I Buy Kratom From Traditional Retail Chains?

Are you able to purchase Kratom from traditional big box chain stores like Walmart? The answer to that is no. You are not able to buy Kratom from these places. The major reason for that is credit card companies do not accept payment processing for Kratom.

When big chain stores accept products on the credit card companys prohibited list, they run the risk of having their merchant accounts frozen or cancelled.

Can I Buy Kratom on Amazon?

Amazon has just about every product under the sun. Unfortunately though, Kratom is not one of them. You will find a lot of books on Kratom there. Amazons policies do not allow Kratom to be sold on it.

This however did not stop some individuals from selling it by cleverly disguising it. In fact, back in 2014, you could actually search and see Kratom product listings on Amazon. Its not always easy to effectively monitor a platform with billions of products on it such as Amazon.

Its natural that some Kratom products would have slipped under the radar. They seem to have sorted that out though as you wont find any Kratom products on Amazon.

Kratom Good Manufacturing Practice Standards

Regardless of where you buy your Kratom, you always need to make sure that the product is approved by the American Kratom Association. The AKA adheres to strict standards that ensure that you get the best product. Here is a list of some of the benchmarks that they use.

Light Resistant Packaging

Kratom can be affected by direct sunlight and UV rays. Heat will also negatively affect the quality of you r Kratom. When this happens, the quality of your Kratom will be diminished. It wont be as potent anymore and you wont get the best results from it.

Your Kratom packaging has to be something that keeps your Kratom from experiencing these effects. Brown paper bags are best suited for this.

Re-sealable Bag

In order to maintain the freshness of Kratom, its important that the bags be re-sealable. Unless you are getting capsules, you will most likely have a large amount of powdered Kratom. The bag its packaged in has to be re-sealable. As already stated, air will affect the quality of your Kratom.

Child Proof

The packaging also has to be child proof. In places where Kratom is legal, you need to be at least 18 or 21 years of age in order to use Kratom. It is recommended that children be kept away from it. In this respect, GMP recommends that such products be child proof.

Temper Free

It is very important that your Kratom packaging is temper free when you get it. This ensures that your Kratom is not contaminated and will remain fresh.

The American Kratom Association ensures that all its affiliates adhere to these standards throughout their manufacturing and distribution processes. If you are not able to access with the AKA and GMP seals on it, make sure that it at least meets these standards before proceeding to purchase it.