Best Recipes for Kratom Tea Using Different Strains and Ingredients

September 11, 2020 GMT

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Many people want to know about how to make kratom tea, but they arent sure if they will like the taste. Drinking tea can be a great way to consume kratom safely. Our Recommended Store For Kratom Products

Plus, drinking tea is relaxing and refreshing. A cup of kratom tea could be just what you need to help you feel at peace and at ease. Tea with kratom can be made to be cold tea or hot tea. The preference is up to the user. Making tea with kratom is actually a very efficient way to control the dosage of kratom you consume. As always, it is a smart idea to use kratom products wisely. You can explore all types of forms of kratom by contacting TGM Store. They have a ton of kratom based products that vary in dosage amounts.


A Great Stimulant

kratom is categorized as part of the Rubiaceae family. Workers in Thailand used to pick leaves from the Kratom tree to chew on while walking for a day of work in the fields. Kratom provides intense stimulating effects that can be overpowering.

Best Types of Kratom Tea

In Southeast Asia, the use of kratom tea has been passed down from generation to generation. Tea prepared by Thailand natives is called MitragynaSpeciosa. This tea is made with ground up kratom leaves, water, and other herbal ingredients. There are a number of recipes for kratom tea, but they all contain different ingredients. The different strains of kratom tea can factor in on the final flavors of the tea. Kratom has a unique fragrance and flavor that is strong and intense. Some users prefer to add extra spices, like ginger, to the tea. The best kratom tea recipes are ones that you tinker with until the flavor is right. You will also have to alter the dosage amount of kratom until you find what works best for you.

Making Kratom Tea from Fresh Kratom Leaves

It can be difficult to buy kratom leaves that are fresh and of high quality. However, if you do find some fresh kratom leaves, you can boil then in a pot of water. Boil the water and leaves together for about twenty to thirty minutes. Boil the mixture at a high temperature, but not too hot to avoid a burnt flavor. Be sure to stir the leaves in the boiling water at least every five minutes. The next step is to drain the leaves and water using a colander or a strainer. Place a bowl or pot underneath of the strainer to catch the kratom induced water. The strainer will catch the leaves, and you will be left with the essential components for making kratom tea. You can add ginger, cinnamon, or other tasty spices to improve the flavor of the tea. Many users like to add sugar and chamomile to their kratom tea. At TGM Store, They can introduce you to kratom powder that can be used to make tea. Making tea with kratom powder isnt much different than using fresh leaves. Let our team at TGM Shop hook you up with the best kratom products that money can buy.


Concentrated or Diluted Kratom Tea

Concentrated kratom tea isnt thinned out in any shape or form. The amount of kratom is strong in these types of teas. If you use fresh leaves to make kratom tea, you might want to consider diluting it. Fresh kratom leaves can produce very strong teas with high doses. New kratom users will want to use diluted tea. You can easily dilute or thin out kratom tea by adding water to it. For example, you should mix one cup of concentrated kratom tea with one cup of hot or cold water. By combining equal parts of water and tea, you can lower the kratom dosage.

Creating Kratom Tea with Powder Versus Using Leaves

Using kratom powder to make tea is a smart idea for many reasons. When you use kratom powder, you can weigh the powder on a digital scale. You can find digital scales just about anywhere online, and they are inexpensive. The scales can help you determine your own specific dosage. Once you weigh out the desired amount of kratom for dosing, you will need to add it to your pot of boiling water. You will not need to boil the water as long using kratom powder. However, you will need to stir the tea every two or three minutes. With kratom powder tea, you dont have to worry about the straining process. Another perk associated with using kratom powder to make tea is that you dont have to dilute it. With kratom powder tea, you know exactly how much kratom is in the tea. Kratom tea made with fresh leaves should be diluted, even by experienced users. Adding sugar, syrup, or other sweeteners doesnt dilute the quantity or quality of the kratom dosage. Keep this factor in mind when making your tea. There are premade kratom tea mixtures that are already dosed with kratom powder. All users have to do is add water to the mixture, which is easy and fast. At TGM Shop, they have all of the latest kratom products.

Delicious Recipes for Kratom Tea

There are tons of kratom tea recipes floating around on the web. Your own personal tastes and preferences should help you pick out a kratom tea recipe. One of the most popular recipes for this type of tea uses kratom powder, lemon juice, and powdered ginger. Users should weigh the desired dosage of kratom powder on a digital scale before adding it to one cup of water. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the mixture. You can add a slice of fresh lemon to the tea if you wish. Toss in a dash of powdered ginger. Combine all of the ingredients thoroughly. If you desire, you can add sugar or syrup. Honey is a nice addition to any type of kratom tea. Avoid caffeinated beverages, like soda or coffee, when drinking kratom tea.

Other Popular Recipes for Kratom Tea

Other popular recipes for kratom tea includes using the broth from freshly boiled kratom leaves. Pour one cup of the broth into a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. Mix all of the ingredients together. Add a peppermint leaf or stick to add to the flavor. Mixing and matching different combinations is the best way to find a recipe you love. The flavor of kratom is very concentrated, which is unappealing to some users. Thin down the taste of the kratom by adding sweeteners like honey. You can also add maple syrup to your kratom tea. The flavor is one of the things that many users dont like about kratom tea. However, consuming straight kratom powder is even more intense in terms of flavor. Using tea is a perfect way to temper out the flavor of the kratom and the tea. Another possible kratom tea recipe involves combining chamomile, honey, and mint leaves. Add the kratom to the mixture. Allow the mixture to settle for about ten minutes before drinking. The waiting period will allow the flavor time to marinate. If you want to create strong kratom tea, you can also use a slow cooker to create your tea.

Creating Kratom Tea Using a Crock Pot or Slow Cooker

You might not think of marinating tea, but it is becoming a common practice. Users simply add the desired amount of kratom and water into a crock pot or slow cooker. The following items can be added to the mixture of water and kratom:

  • Lemon Juice or Fresh Lemon Slices
  • Ginger Leaves
  • Mint Leaves
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Green Tea Leaves
  • Camellia Leaves

Add all of the ingredients you desire into one pot. Place the crock pot or slow cooker on low and allow it to simmer for three hours. If you want to dilute the taste of the kratom, you will need to be generous with the number of ingredients you use for flavor. The strain of kratom you use to make kratom tea can play a role in the amount of tea you should drink. Plus, each flavor has a distinct color, flavor, and aroma that can influence your kratom tea recipe.

Best Tasting Kratom Strains for Tea

Kratom tea doesnt have to taste horrible. You can create your own recipes using your favorite kratom strains. If you prefer yellow vein kratom for tea, you should add honey or molasses to your tea. Kratom team made with white vein kratom matches nicely with ginger and lemon juice. Green vein kratom can be mixed with maple syrup, sugar, and peppermint leaves to create a pleasant tea. Red kratom tea has the strongest flavor. This type of strain may require additional substances, such as a slice of fresh fruit. Adding a vanilla bean pod is another way to smother the strong flavor of red vein kratom tea. Users also like to add citrus to their kratom recipes for making tea. Citrus meshes well with all of the strains of kratom. If you are interested in the various types of kratom strains for tea, you can contact TGM Shop. They have the best quality kratom tea at the best prices.

Superior Products for Kratom Tea

When making kratom tea, you should only use high quality products. Using low quality kratom products will play a huge role in the taste and potency of your tea. You can learn more information about kratom products at TGM Shop. You can expect low prices and fast shipping when you put your trust in their premium products.