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Maeng Da Kratom - The Best Of The Best

September 10, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 10 Sep 2020

Anyone familiar with espresso knows that the beans are identical to any other coffee bean, contrary to the common belief in Europe and America. So what makes espresso so sought after among coffee fans? Recommended Store For Maeng Da Kratom

The primary differences come down to how the bean is grown, roasted, ground, followed by its extraction at high pressure by a modern machine to get the stronger, more potent type of coffee we call espresso.


Same goes with Maeng Da Kratom which is indeed one of the finest kratom strain that you have ever found. The Golden Monk kratom that provide the best of the best, the speciality blend, of kratom. Thats what we want to talk about today.

To get one thing out of the way, Maeng Da essentially translates as pimp-grade in the original Thai. Its digestible, lesser alkaline and consistent in aroma and taste.

So, how is this Maeng Da stuff different from other Kratom?

Well, Maeng Da Kratom comes from the same plant as any other kratom. But it undergoes some very specific and highly refined techniques by the best kratom farmers in the world, followed by careful grafting of the different types, to come up with a more potent, flavorful and beneficial blend.

At TGM store, you can find original Maenge Da kratom products that have a higher level of natural chemicals like mitragynine, mitraphyline and 7-hydroxymitragynine as compared to other kratom variants.

So, what wed like to do now is break down some of the different types of kratom available to help our customers make the right choice.

The veins

If youve heard much about kratom, youre sure to be aware that it comes in three main varieties - white vein, red vein, and green vein. One major misconception we have about kratom strains is that they all come from different plants. But, it’s not true.

Almost every strain of kratom comes from the same tree, a red-veined leafy plant grown throughout Southeast Asia, primarily Thailand, Malaysia and Bali.

The different strains are then created by employing different drying processes, some with limited or no sunlight (green vein), others with direct sunlight (red vein), or still others as a combination of the two (white vein).

In addition, some blends may involve fermentation to increase the alkaloid content in the strain, replacing direct sunlight with UV lamps, temperature control, fans for ventilation, and other well-kept cultural secrets.


After the completion of the drying process, the farmers remove the veins entirely and crush up the remaining leaves into the fine powder we all know and love.

So now that these basics are out of the way, we can look at the different blends available on the market.

Kratom strains are often sold according to their place of origin, such as Green Bali, White Borneo, or Red Sumatra, to name just a few of the fabulous varieties available from TGM shop.

Maeng Da breaks this convention, that is to say, it no longer has one pure origin country. It employs a process called grafting to find the right combination of benefits from each strain. You will find it is a specialty blend of many origins, and is available in White, Green and Red varieties of its own.

Maeng Da tops the list in terms of providing raw energy. Never mind the Red Bull or that third cup of coffee, you wont need it!

But thats only assuming that you are buying really good Maeng Da, since regulations are still not well established and in an open market, everyone will claim theirs is the best.

So how do we remedy this problem here? Its simple! Years of working with the right suppliers, processing in clean rooms and putting TGM products through rigorous lab testing.

In addition, TGM is approved with the American Kratom Association GMP program. And if you should have any problems, they provide a no questions asked money-back guarantee, but theyre sure you wont need to use it!

You can read more about all of this on their website, send them an email or give friendly support team a call. They like to hear from you!

Perhaps you have tried other varieties of kratom and are ready to kick things up a notch, , or are a new kratom user who needs a pick-me-up to get through a high-intensity, Maeng Da Kratom is the blend for you.

If youre still not convinced, read on to learn about the natives’ long history of using kratom, its discovery, documentation and introduction into the western world, and a more detailed analysis of some of its popular effects.


As we stated earlier, the Kratom plant is native to the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. Natives of these lush lands have been farming and cultivating the stuff for centuries, enjoying its many benefits while we in the West were busy discovering the ill side-effects of tobacco.

Tribal life was rife with the stuff, at first by simply chewing the leaves, similar to how Khat or the Coca plant were used. Later, natives began smoking it or making it into teas, adding sugar to hide some of the bitterness.

The more common powdered form we have today is the latest innovation, dating back at least a century. In this form, not only was it ingested but it also began to be used as a balm for various wounds.

The cultivar was mostly enjoyed by labourers who had to endure long days in the sun and needed something to help pick them up.

But this wasnt the only place it found in these societies. Eventually, it gained a place among the more noble classes and was often served to guests, much like a good scotch or brandy would be today.

The first part of that name, Mitragyna, is shared with the primary chemical compound Mitragynine which we can thank for so many of the enjoyable sensations we get from Kratom.

The rush hour of the modern city, long lines of traffic, deadlines, slow colleagues, demanding bosses, and thats not to mention all of the pressures of our personal lives!

Something we all realize though is that jumping up and down at the crosswalk or in line at the bank isnt going to make it go any faster! But thats all easier said than done.

Kratom users know it doesnt have to be this way, with the Maeng Da variety delivering the best results.

Take a deep breath and keep your head on, head on over to our store at the Golden Monk, get yourself some in each color to see which suits you best! Everything is going to be ok!