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Bitcoin Revolution Review - Is it Trustworthy and Profitable? Read Here!

September 18, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 18 Sep 2020

As the volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies skyrockets, more and more traders are betting on the price fluctuations to gain greenbacks. In comparison with the stock and currency markets, digital currencies follow a different pattern. Being decentralized, it is little affected by changes in any country’s economy or any political upheavals. Bitcoin Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that runs a modernistic algorithm. The trading app has a special data analytics system that can perform market analysis and generate money-making trade suggestions in a flash. Effectively you get the trade signals and book your order before other traders even get the price fluctuation statistics.


About Bitcoin Revolution

This trading platform or bot provides you with an avant-garde data processing system that eliminates the probability of human errors to almost zero. The crypto trading platform has a high success rate of 99.4%.

Many professional and amateur users are joining this platform because of its accurate predictions and trustworthiness. Bitcoin Revolution does not differentiate amongst expert and novice traders, and all the members can earn enormous profits. The transactions made on this platform are secure and there is no chance of cunning hackers stealing your funds. After you register and deposit funds in the primary amount, you can begin with live trading sessions. The advanced algorithm of the Bitcoin Revolution is capable of scanning the entire Bitcoin market in milliseconds to hunt out favorable deals for you.

How does the Bitcoin Revolution work?

The Bitcoin Revolution has appeased its clientele with its efficacious software program. You can purchase or sell any cryptocurrency or even do CFD trading and gain on the price movements without owning the crypto. You can buy Bitcoins when the price is low and then the trading bot will sell it at a greater price to bring you profits. Alternatively, you can predict the price movements following the forecasts generated by the trading app and book money-spinning trades. The trading app has a huge archive of past trading data and the latest insight into the digital currency market. It corroborates this information with present price variations and suggests profitable trades for you.


Just after you register, the supportive team guides you about the procedures and you can start trading right away. Users make huge profits as this trading platform allows leverage trading and does all the groundwork to provide financially rewarding trade forecasts.

How to use the Bitcoin Revolution?

Create your trading account

The registration on the Bitcoin Revolution trading app is upfront and easy. You are required to fill in an enrollment form with your name and address on the official webpage. After that, the app prompts you to create a strong password and secure your account from hackers. Then put your mobile number, email, and authenticate it with the company via an emailed link.

The company has undertaken necessary measures to safeguard the privacy of the clients. The application doesn’t share any of your important data with any third party. All the transactions are made with your consent. Also, you don’t have to pay any charges for opening the account.

Add funds to your account

You need a trading capital of at least $250 to trade with Bitcoin Evolution. Users usually start small and grow their funds via reinvestments. Starting small will give you time to learn the trading trends and make the most out of the bot. The company suggests novice traders begin with small-scale orders, start earning profits, reinvest, and grow their capital amount. After gaining confidence to trade, you can gradually increase the capital amount also.

You can deposit your funds through MasterCard, Visa Card, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Skrill, and Neteller. These transaction modes require no extra charge, and the entire money goes into your account without any deductions. It also requires very little time to reflect in your account.

Practice using the demo account

The company allows you to practice trading using a demo account. The account is credited with virtual money. The demo account helps you to get used to the features of the trading platform. As you practice more on the demo account by placing virtual trades, you can also use the same strategies or methods during real-time trading. The profits you earn in this type of trading contain virtual money. So, the money won’t be credited to your account if you win any trade.

Set your trading parameters

Bitcoin Revolution provides you with the opportunity to control your trades, unlike other automated platforms. You have to fine-tune your propitious trading parameters like the time frame for a single trade, stop-loss value, credits to invest in a particular trade, how much profit you fancy earning, and on which cryptocurrency you would like to invest.

Start live trading

You can start with live trading as soon as you set your parameters. Live trading has a risk management feature that allows all the patrons to set up how much risk they can incur.

Special Features

This trading platform has special automated and manual modes for booking money-spinning trades. If you are trading for quite a long time and have full faith in your trading abilities, you may decide to go for the manual mode. And if digital currency trading is unfamiliar to you, choose the auto-trading bot to amass huge profits in your account.

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Benefits of the Bitcoin Revolution

Updated Technology

Software experts have developed the Bitcoin Revolution trading bot using the most updated and modern version of the technology. The software is programmed to provide you with the analysis and predictions very fast and leads the fast-moving crypto market by 0.01 seconds. The lead-in-time provided by the app provides you the option to capture the winning prices before the market makes a move.

Precise Performance

Bitcoin Revolution provides you with precise predictions with an accuracy rate of 99.4%. This could never be attained by any of the other trading platforms. The trading bot is capable of quadrupling the money you invest.

Hands-Free Trading

The crypto bot gives you an option of hands-free trading with the automated bot. You can choose the indicators of trade, and the prize-winning app will trade for you in your absence. As the market movements for cryptocurrencies are very swift this auto-trading bot captures the exact price for you before it again dips.

Award-winning platform

The trading bot has been conferred with various awards, the recent one being the best trading bot, awarded by the American Trading Association.


Does the trading bot provide you with a mobile application?

Bitcoin Revolution trading app might not have a mobile application as you do not require one. You can open your account on your mobile’s browser, chrome or Mozilla firefox. You can access this cloud-based application from any of your devices that has a fast internet connection.

Is it possible for anyone to operate the Bitcoin Revolution?

Yes, it is possible. You don’t need any specialized trading skills or technical software know how to operate the Bitcoin Revolution. It is a simple-to-use app and has a customer service to reply to your queries. Also, the always obliging automated robot trader trades on its own even when you are not online and books you winning trades.

How fast can users make withdrawals from the trading app?

The withdrawal process is uncomplicated and fast. You are required to fill a simple withdrawal form and authenticate with your password. As soon as your form is accepted by the company, the funds are credited to your trading account. The process takes a day to be completed.

How much is the success level of the trading app?

Bitcoin Revolution trading software is able to touch a success rate of 99.4% with its ingenious and smart software program. You will never lose a trade with such a high level of accuracy.

How much yields can you get from Bitcoin Revolution trading software?

You can earn up to $1100 a day if you start your day early. Your profits will increase if you keep on growing your funds through reinvestment of profit and fresh deposits. Also, try the worthwhile leverage trading option offered by the trading app to make unsurpassed earnings.

Does the Bitcoin Revolution trading software make safe transactions?

Yes, the trading app assures safe transactions. It uses the latest encryption algorithms and security protocols to protect the client’s online transaction details. Your data can only be accessed by you and cannot be stolen by dishonest cyberpunks.

Can you become a millionaire fast when you trade on this app?

Many users have become millionaires in just 2 months. This platform doesn’t limit the maximum profit that you can earn.

Do you need to devote a lot of time on the trading platform?

No, you don’t need to devote a lot of time on the Bitcoin Revolution trading software. The updated algorithm carries out all the analysis and data processing and the user’s task is reduced to almost nil. The users require spending only 15-20 minutes on the trading platform.

Do you need to pay any fees or commissions to start with the Bitcoin Revolution trading software?

No, you do not need to pay any fee or commission to start trading. The funds you win are yours and you can draw out the money as per your requirement.

Do you need to purchase the trading bot?

No, you do not need to purchase the trading bot. You get free access to the exclusive and trademarked software. Register on the Bitcoin Revolution trading application and join the team of millionaires

Customer Testimonials

I was orphaned during my teens and faced a financial crisis until I got my first job. I never wanted to face those distressing days again and started to look for ways to generate a passive income. I tried out several ways until I registered with the Bitcoin Revolution. As a beginner, I never faced any difficulties as the supportive customer service team was always there to help me. I am indebted to the platform for making me financially independent. Cillian, 34, U.K

When my husband insisted that I start trading in digital currencies with the Bitcoin Revolution, I was unaware that it would be so useful for us. I followed the accurate trade forecasts, used an auto trading bot, and made profits. I started with $250 and always reinvested the gains. When my husband met with an accident and needed a complicated operation, my funds in the Bitcoin Revolution account came to the rescue and saved his life. Thank you is a small word for this trading app. Sophia, 45, London, United Kingdom

Being an accountant, I started early with stock and currency trading. I knew that with passing days, I had to trade in Bitcoins for getting the buffer. I diversified into cryptocurrency trading with the popular trading software, Bitcoin Revolution. Now even when the stock markets are bearish, I make huge profits from digital currencies. Joe, 39, Australia

After retiring early from my job, I researched the best ways of having a passive income and registered on the Bitcoin Revolution. I easily understood the process of trading and then came a huge change in my life. I was earning more than what my last salary was. I could spend on luxuries and dreams that I never could during my pre-retirement years. Now I am happily enjoying life with my children and grandchildren while the Bitcoin Revolution is spinning money for me. Mason, 48, Germany


Both novices and pros can use the cloud-based Bitcoin Revolution trading app. This trading bot operates for 8 hours in a day and you must turn off the auto trader before you end your day. It is recommended to lock in your profits every day if you have no plans for reinvesting it. The trading bot provides you with lucrative trading opportunities based on your favorable trading parameters. The trading app has two modes for trading, automated and manual and a precision level of 99.4%.

So, if you wish to enjoy automatic trading and earn lots of profits, you may choose the automated Bitcoin Revolution trading bot. The decision is yours to make.