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Buy CBD Hemp Flower Strains In Bulk

September 11, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 11 Sep 2020

One of the most interesting facts about the hemp plant is that it actually blooms in flowers similar to how marijuana does. However, unlike marijuana, hemp doesnt contain any THC. Buy CBD Hemp Flower in Bulk Prices

Its main compound is cannabidiol or CBD for short, which comes from this hemp flower. As such, the demand for CBD hemp flower strains has seen a sharp increase in recent years.

The CBD hemp flower strains are the best choice for people who want to enjoy the benefits and flavor of cannabis without the intoxicating effects of smoking marijuana.


Buy Best Hemp Flower Strains

The Ark Institute Store is known for providing the best CBD hemp flower strains. Thats because all of their products are accurately labeled and go through very specific and strict third-party testing.

The following is a list of the companys top CBD hemp flower strains based on how much cannabinoids and terpenes are present in each strain as well as the most popular ones. Read on for more.

  • Elektra

The Elektra CBD hemp flower strain is a combination of ERB and ACDC, arguably the most popular hemp strains on the market.

Its vibrant green leaves are highlighted by spikes or orange stripes which visually represent the strains terpene and cannabinoid content. Youll notice a very distinct tropical taste with each inhale, which further enhances its calming effects.

This Elektra hemp flower strain contains almost 17% of the CBD compound and 34% of the Beta-Myrcene compound. Thats why its so effective at relieving stress.

Judging by the reviews, many people take this strain to relieve pain and calm down after a long day. But, its mostly loved for its beautiful aroma.

  • Lifter Plus CBD Hemp Flower

Lifter Plus CBD is made from full-spectrum CBD hemp which means that it only contains less than 0.3% of the THC compound which puts it at the legal limit. On the flip side, this strain contains 19% of the CBD compound which offers a bevy of health benefits.

However, what really sets the Lifter Plus strain apart is its smooth and satisfying taste and its relaxing effects. Thats why it has a 5-star rating from reviewers whove tried it. Theres simply nothing like it.

Its worth noting that this strain has a lot of Beta-Myrcene, about .13% to be exact. This is what makes it ideal for defeating insomnia and can help you feel calm and relaxed. Lifter Plus also contains an optimal combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.


  • Special Sauce CBD

As the name implies, Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is a special kind of strain. It contains a high amount of resins which is a sought-after feature among most cannabis lovers. Its trimmed flower is made up of 16% of the CBD compound while THC makes up only 0.03%.

The Special Sauce CBD hemp flower strain is unique in that it contains the right balance of compounds to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. This makes it ideal for people who suffer from anxiety and pain.

It works better for pain than traditional medical marijuana itself. However, most people use this strain to enhance their ability to sleep better and it sports beautiful pink pistils.

  • Bubba Remedy Hemp Flower

If youre looking for a strain thats rich in a diverse array of cannabinoids and terpenes, then the Bubba Remedy is perfect for you. It contains 0.3% of the THC compound as required by law and 14% of the CBD compound in comparison.

Bubba Remedy is perfect for all types of physical pain, whether thats back pain or neck pain. It has also been seen to lift mood, although this might be because of the alleviated pain. Most importantly, Bubba Remedy is recognized as one of the most delicious CBD hemp flower strains available today.

Although it was initially bred to help restore the bodys balance and promote restoration, this strain is great at calming nerves and anxiety. Plus, it has a pleasant, smooth, and sweet taste that serves to further enhance the experience of consuming it.

  • Hawaiian Haze

This sweet and smooth strain known as Hawaiian Haze is underpinned by a unique earthy taste with a touch of tropical vibrancy.

Its a stunning hemp strain that offers a bevy of terpenes that are designed to increase energy levels. But, unlike coffee, its suitable for use throughout the day and at night. In fact, its actually perfect for anyone who struggles with insomnia because its Beta-Myrcene levels are at .26%.

Hawaiian Haze has also been shown to boost mood and promote feelings of creativity and vibrancy. Some people take it to relieve anxiety and relax as the day winds down. Its no surprise that this strain has a 5-star rating from happy customers!

Pretty much everyone whos tried it says the same thing; it calms you down and it tastes amazing. However, we particularly recommend it for inexperienced users who are new to CBD hemp flower strains. The Ark Institute Store has outdone themselves with this one.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower Strains

In this day and age, theres no denying the health benefits of the CBD compound.

Science and law-makers alike, agree that its worth offering to people because of its proven benefits over time. But, there is something to be said about the way you consume it, as that can contribute to its effectiveness.

For the most part, smoking CBD hemp flower strains seems to be the best way to achieve its promised results, as opposed to ingesting it orally.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Scientific evidence shows that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, making it one of the most valuable healing compounds in the world.

Thats because inflammation is the underlying cause behind most diseases, so the fact that CBD can help fight the growth of inflammation is further proof of its efficacy and value as a health compound.

  • Acts Fast

Apart from injecting something into your bloodstream, the fastest way to assimilate any substance into your body is to inhale it.

In the science community, this process is known as pulmonary administration.

It allows the active components of the substance to travel through small alveoli into your bloodstream. Thats why most people recommend smoking or vaping CBD hemp flower strains in order to get the most out of them.

  • Improves Mood

Scientific findings show that CBD can be very effective at healing epilepsy and similar conditions.

Thats why we have Epidiolex, an FDA-approved, CBD-based epilepsy treatment that has worked wonders for patients.

Not only that, but CBD is known for its mood-enhancing properties and the fact that it can help to alleviate depression anxiety and even schizophrenia symptoms.

Whats Considered a Good Hemp Flower CBD Concentration?

The amount of CBD present in a flower strain depends on a number of factors and the amount that you prefer depends on why and how and why youre using it. Perhaps you want to experience the strain in all its glory so that you can experience the full effects of CBD.

If thats the case, then you should look for a strain that contains more than 10% of the CBD compound. For what its worth, most hemp flower strains cap out at a CBD concentration level of 18 to 20%.

How to Use CBD Hemp Flower Strains

As with anything, its always a good idea to speak to a health practitioner before you try CBD or any other compound for health or recreational purposes. Thats because although hemp-derived CBD is considered safe and legal, some people have been shown to experience mild side effects.

Most people choose to smoke or vape the CBD hemp flower in order to get its maximum effects. You can do this either by using an eco-friendly wrapping paper or a glass pipe. Both are healthy ways to inhale CBD.

The great thing about CBD flower is that it has an immediate effect, especially when you inhale it. Thats because the process of inhalation ensures that the CBD is funneled straight to the bloodstream through the lungs.

However, vaping or inhalation isnt the only way to enjoy CBD. You may also cook or bake with it as an ingredient. Because its fat-soluble, CBD is great for making things like cannabis butter or oil. Just keep in mind that in this form, CBD becomes less potent and works slowly as a result because of the time it takes for your system to digest cannabidiol.


As you can see, the Ark Institute Store has the finest selection of CBD hemp flower strains. Most of them are very helpful with pain, anxiety, depression, and even epilepsy.

For best results, its recommended that you inhale the CBD strain of your choice in order to get the most out of it.