7 Important Factors to Consider in Essay Writing

September 10, 2020 GMT
7 Important Factors to Consider in Essay Writing
7 Important Factors to Consider in Essay Writing

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 10 Sep 2020

The most important factors to consider when writing essays at the college level to make sure that you write excellent essays that can guarantee you good grades.

If you are a student at the tertiary level, you can attest how hard it is to come up with a well-written essay. Effective essay writing requires a lot of sacrifice as well as hours for conducting your research, analysing the results, organising the outline, editing, correct formatting, and proofreading. Clearly, the process of writing an essay may entail more than just what has been stated in this article since the professor may tell you to rework on the essay more so if you did not adhere to the instructions. In worse scenarios, there may be no room for doing revisions, which may drive you as the scholar to score poor grades. To most scholars, writing essays is one of the most difficult things in their academic lives, and some are stressed to the extent that they drop out of school. Other students decide to plagiarise their work without thinking of the repercussions their decisions will have on their academic lives.


Whereas any person can join sentences together to pass a message across, not everyone can come up with a well-written essay. However, one of the good things about the field of writing is that with enough practice and correct guidance, any person can learn how to hone their skills to the point of perfection. It takes time and practice for an individual to know how to write effectively. One of the challenges students encounter when writing essays is plagiarism, which is also known as academic theft. Students caught up with cases of plagiarism risk losing their scholarships or getting expelled from their educational institutions. However, with the Peachy essay free plagiarism checker, students can evade from getting caught up with incidents of plagiarism. Writing an essay should not have to be a difficult process for students. The following are some of the important factors to consider in essay writing.

Plan and schedule

Understanding the topic of your essay is good. However, it is important that you first come up with a program so that you can make effective use of your time. Unfortunately, most students underestimate the importance of having a plan and a schedule, which makes them either hand over their essays late or fail to hand over completely. If you want to score excellent grades, you should always ensure that you develop a plan or a schedule before you can begin your essay.


Not only does this enable you to come up with good steps for your essay writing, but it also helps you organise the process well. Essay writing can be long and tedious and failure to plan for each of the individual steps, for example, research, will only lead to a poor final result which is not desirable. It is important to assign each of the tasks that will lead to a good essay some sufficient time and ensure that you plan your essay writing in steps or goals which will make the overall process easier.

Understand the topic

It is important for students to choose the right topic even before they begin to write. Anytime you have been given the right to select a topic to write about, you should ensure that you settle on the right choice and most importantly, ensure that you choose a topic that is of importance to you as an individual. Most students mess up their whole essays in the beginning by selecting very difficult issues, which either do not have sufficient information or they do not know so much about. Always ensure that you first have a good understanding of a topic before you can begin to write your essay. Failure to have a good understanding of the topic may result in you writing irrelevant content. In cases where the topics are assigned, take your time to read broadly and ensure that you fully understand the problem that you are going to explore in your essay. It is interesting to note that as much as the topic may be foreign from your point of view, you can always find something that will spark your interest. Never give up before you have conducted research, you never know how interesting you might find an area of exploration until you actually do it!

Read widely

Although writing may be the main objective, exploring materials that are already written is also an essential factor to consider when planning to write essays. Before you can begin writing your essay, you should do extensive research and read relevant information. One of the most important academic skills is learning to sift through a large amount of information. Reading widely will aid you to have a good understanding of the topic. Also, you will understand the areas where more research needs to be performed. It is important that you do not rely on a single source of information and that you use sources of information that are up to date. When you read widely, you not only expose yourself to information related to your topic, but you also interact with content that has been written by other individuals that may have a writing style that is better or dissimilar to your own. Not only will this allow you to learn different ways of expressing yourself, but it will also help you to see better writing techniques which you can later incorporate into your writing to improve your style. In fact, any good writer needs to be a good reader since the two work well together, and you will never run out of words or ideas to use in your essays.

Know your audience

It would be best if you always considered your audience anytime you are about to write an essay. If you are a scholar, your audience will most probably be your examiner or professor who will have some prospects, which you will have to attain. Your audience may also be conference reviewers, your fellow students, thesis committees, or advisors. Your audience will always affect the format in which you write your essays. For instance, if your audience is familiar with the discussion topic, there will be no need for providing detailed background information. Knowing your audience will also aid you to pick out the most appropriate words that will convey the right message to the readers of your essay. When you consider the audience that you are writing to at the very start, you will likely make fewer mistakes. For example, you cannot use technical language to communicate to an audience that does not understand technical jargon. You will instead need to use raw language to express yourself. It is, however, always advisable to use simple language in all papers that you write for academic purposes.

Purpose and organisation

There is an interconnection between the audience and the goal. Whereas there are some situations where the writer knows more than the audience, there are other situations where the vice versa also applies. In scenarios where the writer knows more than the audience, he or she will be required to demonstrate their expertise as well as an understanding of the subject. When it comes to organisation, it is a matter of the structure and priorities. The examiner or the audience have the expectations that the essay will be presented in an organised format. A good organisation of the essay expedites the conveyance of information. Other factors that may be taken into account during organisation include; texture, cohesion, the flow of ideas, and relevancy. Always ensure that you make use of an organisation that is easy to understand and read. Make sure that your work is organised logically, and each of the paragraphs is well sewn together to make the final product superb. In some situations, students tend to ignore the importance of good organisation which normally has detrimental effects on the quality of their essays.

Flow of ideas

The flow of ideas, which entails the transitioning of one idea to another, is one of the essential elements of any essay. One of the ways of making your ideas to have a good flow is through making use of transitions such as therefore, additionally, among many other phrases. When it comes to writing essays, transitions can be likened to bridges between roads since they are used to guide the readers on how to move from one sentence to another easily. Essentially, the use of transitions can assist the writers in maintaining a good flow of information as well as establishing a clear relationship between concepts and ideas. When you have a good flow of ideas which are easy to identify, your audience will generally have a good time reading your work which is very important. When you cannot tie your ideas together, you end up confusing your audience and hence forcing them to lose interest in your work. Ideally, when you create your thesis statement, you should consider how your ideas interrelate to form the final essay since it will act as the approximate guide towards completing an excellent paper.

Plagiarism, paraphrasing and quoting

Essay writing requires a good balance between the use of quotes and paraphrasing. Writing essays without referring to an outside source clearly demonstrates that the writer did not do enough research to capture the information that has already been published. On the same note, using direct quotes on every point, you make shows that you have not fully understood the source of information. You should ensure that you cite borrowed information and paraphrase the rest of the content to avoid incidents of plagiarism. In fact, always consider using great tools such as the Peachy Essay plagiarism checker to check all your essays and ensure that they are unique. When you are able to paraphrase and quote well, you will find that essay writing will become more enjoyable in the long run and will generally take a shorter time to get your essays done no matter how complex they seem.

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