Lawmakers demand FBI reveal Florida election hack

August 29, 2019

Democrats and Republicans said Thursday that the FBI must reveal the names of the two Florida counties that were penetrated by hackers ahead of the 2016 election, saying voters were the victims and deserve to know.

House lawmakers from Florida were briefed by the FBI and told the two counties, but were prohibited from naming them publicly. The lawmakers said there were still other counties that said they were targets but weren’t hacked and the FBI wouldn’t reveal those names even in a classified setting with the members of Congress.

“This is unsustainable,” said Rep. Michael Waltz, Florida Republican.

The lawmakers said the FBI and Homeland Security, which conducted the briefing, are confident that no election results were changed based on the hacks.

They also said they have no evidence of changes to the information in the voter rolls, though Mr. Waltz said “hypothetically” they could have done that.

The hacks were revealed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into the 2016 election.

The Miami Herald attempted to pin down which Florida jurisdictions were targeted or hacked by reaching out to elections supervisors in each county. The newspaper said some admitted to having received “malware-laced emails from hackers,” but of the ones that replied, none acknowledged being hacked.