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Teenager gets comfy in vibrating chair

December 15, 2018

A teenaged boy got very comfortable in a vibrating chair at the mall, according to a person who called the Kalispell Fire Department. When people tried to wake him, he didn’t respond. When a firefighter arrived, he woke the boy, who said he was just sleeping.

A woman’s medical pendant went off accidentally, resulting in a 911 call.

Officers helped a mother check on her son, who had recently suffered a seizure and had to go to the hospital. She was going to pick him up, but when she arrived he didn’t answer the door. When a locksmith couldn’t be reached, officers entered the home with assistance from the fire department. It turned out the man had been sleeping heavily and didn’t hear his mom knocking or calling.

A caller said her email was hacked. There was sensitive information, including credit card numbers and Social Security numbers, in the emails.

A person who had recently taken custody of two foster children had their mother follow her after a visit at child protective services. It was suggested she obtain a temporary restraining order.

Someone claiming to be the caller’s nephew said he was in jail in North Dakota and needed 3,000 in store gift cards to the caller and they were cashed in. When the man called his nephew, he learned he hadn’t been in jail.

A person picked up a wayward black lab and put it inside a heated garage. The caller made plans to drop off the dog at the shelter.

Someone reported losing a credit card, then learned there was a fraudulent charge on it. The caller canceled the card.

The manager of an auto and dog car wash reported a man sleeping in a wash bay. He was asked to leave. The manager said it wasn’t the first time it had happened. The sleeper was described as being in his 60s with dirty blond hair and a Fu Manchu mustache. He rode a bike painted gold.

A man saw someone peeking in his blinds. He said they had followed him around while he drove his truck.

A person said his home was burglarized and a .45 caliber Winchester and an Xbox were missing. He said he saw two men and two women running from the area of his home.