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Orchids and Onions: Friday, May 17, 2019

May 18, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Tile and Carpets Unlimited on Mulberry. They truly know what they are doing and are so helpful when trying to decide in a floor, backsplash, granite counter tops, and much more. Thanks Mark, Mike, Darrin and Connie! Our house looks amazing!

Onions to the city planner’s for a disastrous construction schedule on Lake Havasu Blvd. Yes, there was more rain than usual during the winter, but you could drive past there on many clear, dry days and there was nobody working.

Orchids to Gina at Modern Laundromat on Lake Havasu Ave for keeping that beautiful place clean and making people obey the rules to keep it that way! Thank you for showing me all the different machines and how they work! Nicest laundromat I’ve ever been in! Linda

Onions to “whoever the shoe fits.” I’ve never complained before in public. There hasn’t been a reason too. My kids turned out better than most, and my wife’s exceptional in all areas. This is my first time to voice open disapproval. Onions to the individuals in the club failing to recognize my status!

Orchids to the great customer service at Kmart! They replaced my cars Diehard battery under warranty without any hassle even though I lost the original receipt. Thank you!

Onions to the car in front of me on Main Street, a blind man with white and red tipped cane trying to cross the street in the cross walk. You honked repeatedly and flashed him your middle finger indicating your IQ. Shame on you. Ranger Terry

Orchids to Nathan’s Air Conditioning Services. Polite, courteous and reasonable. Thank you, Heidi

Onions to the California fruit and nut comment. This individual lives among the unwashed and is ravaged with thought disorders. Visit California, you will upgrade yourself.

Orchids to the two fine young men, Gilbert and Doug, who came to our home to clean our carpets. They work for Dynamic and I would recommend them for the fine work they did! Don and Velma

Onions to all the dog owners on Cascade Dr. on the south side who let their dogs bark throughout the day. Keep them quiet or expect a visit from animal control.

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