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Pittsburgh Steelers’ team plane makes emergency landing in Kansas City, no injuries reported

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ charter flight home following a Sunday night win in Las Vegas made an emergency landing in Kansas City early Monday. (Sept. 25)

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Sen. Menendez says cash found in home from savings, not bribe proceeds

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey defiantly pushed back against federal corruption charges Monday, saying cash authorities found in his home was from his savings account and on hand for emergencies. (Sept. 25) (AP Video: Ted Shaffrey)

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Tentative deal reached to end writers strike

Union leaders and Hollywood studios reached a tentative agreement Sunday to end a historic screenwriters strike after nearly five months — though no deal is yet in the works for striking actors. (Sept. 24)

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Missouri district tries new schedule to retain teachers

Independence, Missouri schools have begun a four-day school week in an effort to retain teachers. (Sept. 25) (AP video by Nicholas Ingram)

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Elation as NASA’s first asteroid samples land on Earth

Elation as NASA’s first asteroid samples land on Earth

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Paleoartist brings back faces from the ancient past

John Gurche helps people understand what ancient humans looked like by creating lifelike models based on archaeological finds. The work requires a mix of artistic skill and scientific knowledge. (Sept. 24) (AP Video: Michael Hill)

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Migrants in Mexico take dangerous train ride to reach U.S.

As the train roared in the distance, some 5,000 mostly Venezuelan migrants hoping to make it to the U.S. sprung into action on the outskirts of the central Mexican city of Irapuato. (Sep. 23)

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Brazilians swelter in rare early spring heatwave

Rio de Janeiro’s beaches were packed on Sunday as Brazilians sweltered in a rare early spring heatwave. Spring only officially started on Saturday, but it has already hit abnormally high temperatures for the season. (Sept. 25) (AP video/Mario Lobao, Tatiana Pollastri)

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Gender-affirming care bans impact families even in states where it remains legal

Parents are facing challenges to continue treatments following gender-affirming care bans in many states. And even where it remains legal, some medical providers are wary of harsh liability provisions in laws and so they have abruptly halted care. (Sept. 22)

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A Venezuelan man and his pet squirrel made it to the US border. Now he’s preparing to say goodbye

A 23-year-old Venezuela man is preparing to say goodbye to a pet squirrel he says he brought from his home country on a journey to Mexico. If he’s granted asylum in the US, he’ll likely leave Niko, the pet squirrel, in Mexico. (Sept. 23) (AP Video by Valerie Gonzalez)

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